Air Travel Glossary

Air Travel Glossary

Sometimes there are terms that are foreign to us or we just forget what they mean. Below is a simple glossary to help with your travels.

Airline Ticket: You purchase this ticket for air travel. It is not the same as a boarding pass.

Boarding Pass: In order to board the airplane you will need one. You receive this once you check in for your flight (see below).

Carry-On Luggage: This is luggage kept in the same area as passengers. It can go in the overhead compartment or below the seat in front of you. You have access to this type of luggage during your flight. There are size and weight restrictions.

Checked Luggage: This is luggage that is kept below the passenger area. You do not have access to it during your flight. There are generally weight restrictions.

Check-in: You are letting the airline know you are flying on the flight you have purchased tickets for once you have checked in. It lets the airline know you are accounted for.

Currency Exchange rate: This is the rate of currency value between one country’s currency versus another. For example, for $100 USD you may be able to get $100+ of another country’s currency if the US’ currency is considered as having a higher exchange value. This changes daily for many countries. Some countries have fixed exchange rates between each other.

Gate: The location where you will board the plane is called the gate. This is written on your boarding pass.

Layover: This is time spent between connecting flights is called a layover. It is included when the flight is not nonstop. It generally lasts between 30 minutes and 23 hours.

Nonrefundable: A service that cannot be returned for cash or credit once it is purchased is considered nonrefundable.

Non-stop: A flight from point A to point B without stopping anywhere in between along the route is a non-stop flight.

Off-peak: This is a time when it is less expensive to travel. There is a lower consumer volume/demand.

One-way: A flight from point A to B, with no return flight back to point A is called a one-way flight.

Passport: The official document issued by the government of a country to one of its citizens and authorizing travel to foreign countries is called a passport.

Red Eye Flight: A flight scheduled very late at night when most passengers are usually tired is called a red eye flight.

Round-trip- A flight from point A to B, then from point B back to point A is a round-trip flight.

Stopover: This is time spent between connecting flights. The amount of time is longer than 24 hours and may allow you to actually visit the area of the stop.

TSA: The Transportation Security Administration was created after the New York Terror Attacks on September 11, 2001.

TSA Pre-check: This is a paid membership where you can pass through airport security faster than other non-member passengers.

Visa: The endorsement issued by an authorized country and marked in a passport that permits you to enter, travel through or reside in that country for a specified amount of time is called a visa.


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