Mac vs. PC – A Graphic Designers Perspective

Mac vs. PC – A Graphic Designers Perspective

This debate has been going on for decades. Really, I don’t think it will ever end. So many people starting off in the design field want to know which to choose, a PC or a Mac. The following is my opinion, as a Graphic Designer. Honestly, I can say that I am writing this post on a PC (HP to be exact). When it’s time to edit my photos, though, it will definitely be on my iMac. Confused? Let me explain.

Let’s break everything down into a few categories and see who takes the win, Mac or PC.

Standard PC

Operating System

Macs run on the iOS operating system. The operating system was created by Apple Inc., the makers of Mac computers.

PCs run on a couple different operating systems but let’s stick to Microsoft since it’s the most common (I have a friend though, that loves his Linus OS). You can buy a PC from numerous brands. Think of HP, Samsung, and Dell. (We’re not talking about Chromebooks since those run on the Chrome OS.)

Think about working with a computer where the operating system and computer are coming from the same place. I have to give it to Macs for round one. When everything is in harmony, things just work better.

Cost Upfront

This one might not be that difficult to determine. Macs definitely cost more than most PCs. For similar features and storage capacities, you will almost always pay more for a Mac. There are so many PC brands to choose from as well. So it’s easy to find one that fits every budget. Both Macs and PCs offer lots of feature choices you can add. Think of additional memory and software built in. However, the PC will usually be less expensive. We’re not talking about gaming PCs, just your ‘average Joe’ PCs. PCs definitely win this round.


From experience PCs I or my family members have owned have had an average life span of 3 years. It’s as if they started to slow down and nothing could be done to stop the inevitable. I can think of all the PCs that have been replaced in the time I’ve had one iMac.

The iMac I currently have was purchased in 2008. You read that correctly. It will be a decade old this year. Has it had its share of issues? Yes. Does the disc drive still work? No. It’s been dead for a few years now. Am I able to still use all the functions as well as my Adobe Software? Yes. And for me, that was something that was important. I won’t even go into how one of the reasons I am holding onto it so I can keep my Adobe CS software (Adobe CC is not my cup of tea). But that’s for a different discussion. Mac wins this round.


With the Mac’s clean lines and aluminum as far as the eye can see, it’s not hard to see why so many people buy them just for looks. In an age where we have so many choices, 9 times out of 10 people choose things that are pretty. It’s just the way the world works. And Macs are pretty. There are lots of pretty PCs out there. Samsung makes some really eye-catching all-in-ones not available in the US (I attempted to purchase one but was told it wouldn’t work in the US…). For some reason, the aesthetics keep pulling people in. Mac wins for aesthetics.


As much as I’d like to believe my iMac would do fine on a fall test, I’m not too confident. Although beautiful, I just don’t feel like it would hold up to a PC. I feel like the materials used to make PCs are more durable. The plastic is lighter weight than the aluminum and I feel would be more of a shock absorber. Has anyone dropped either a PC or a Mac? If so, let me know. But I’m going to have to give it to PC on this one for what I think would happen in a fall test.

Here’s the bottom line…For me the winner has to be Mac. Don’t get me wrong. I still use both, but this is if I had to choose. Even though they cost more upfront, the cost of replacing PCs over a 10 year period way surpasses what I paid for my Mac upfront. The operating system works seamlessly because it was created by the same manufacturer of the computer. It makes sense that two things from the same place work in harmony. Aesthetics are not the best indicator for a lot of things but for the Mac, it proves to be a big reason that keeps people coming back. Humans like pretty things, as vain as we can be sometimes. While Macs don’t appear to be as durable, the positives outweigh the negatives. My iMac is 10 years old. I think I’m due for an upgrade. Does anyone have a student discount?

Standard Mac

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