Choosing the Right Airline

Choosing the Right Airline

Am I a budget traveler? Hmm..I don’t know. But I don’t like to spend money on unnecessary things. I will pay more if I know I’m getting a quality product, though. This includes trips and vacations. The trick is to know what to look for.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of budget airline carriers. You’ll have to spend extra money for food, etc. to be comfortable.  If you’re like me and want the most enjoyable journey possible, consider your options on general, non-budget airlines. One of my favorite ways to do this is Google Flights. The process is very simple. Plus, you can get alerts sent straight to your email. How do know which airline is the best for where you’re headed?

A great place to compare airlines is Airline Equality. I don’t book a trip without checking here first. You will get the occasional bad review that is based on nonsense. But generally speaking you’ll get a good idea of how comfortable the seats are, whether the food is edible and entertainment options. There is also the option to filter your results by how recent the review is, are as well as by class. If you’re as obsessed with travel as I am, you’ll definitely need the next tip.

One thing that I love to do (don’t judge me) is search airline websites. I check to see if the seats look comfortable, if the food looks edible and if there is an amenity kit in economy. Those things may not be important to everyone, but if I’m going to be trapped (are you not literally trapped?) in a metal tube for 12+ hours I need to know what to expect from the airline. One thing I really appreciate is sites that have virtual tours of the planes.  Emirates has a virtual tour of its first class cabin and seat. Even if you’ll be traveling in economy, watching the tour will still get you excited about your trip. The last resource has to do with where you’ll be sitting in the plane.

Maybe you prefer to sleep most of the flight and don’t want to be near the gallery and restrooms. Use SeatGuru to help you select the best seat for the aircraft you will be on. This is especially helpful if you don’t select your seats the same time you purchase your plane tickets.

These are my tips for choosing an airline. Let me know if there’s something you always check for before you purchase airline tickets.

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