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Visit Bartlett, New Hampshire + Mini Airbnb Tour

It’s time to check out Bartlett, New Hampshire. This was the actual location where I stayed when I went to New Hampshire. It’s where my Airbnb was located.

Bartlett, New Hampshire Sights

Bartlett, New Hampshire is small. That’s the best way I can describe it. But it’s cute and there are a lot of little charming places to visit on the way to North Conway, which is the bigger town.

One stop that was really close to my Airbnb was White Mountain Cider Co. It included a restaurant, bar, country store and cider mill. The country store had a lot of unique bakery items as well as handmade items from local artists. And of course they had lots of cute little neighbors like this little hen (below). I caught her walking around in the parking lot.

Another stop on your list is the Covered Bridge House. It includes a bed and breakfast and gift shop. The gift shop is inside an actual covered bridge. The cute location is great for taking photos. Expect to find lots of souvenirs and items that have New Hampshire written on them. You’ll see lots of moose and bear items. You can find sweatshirts and t-shirts or maybe a flag to put in front of your house.


Bartlett, New Hampshire Airbnb

The Airbnb I stayed in is part of the Seasons Resort. The resort is made up of resort-owned and privately-owned condos. Condos can be booked through sites like Airbnb. Or you can rent them out directly from the resort.

The condo was very spacious. There were two bedrooms. The whole place sleeps 5. Maybe more if you use the living room couch. The living room was very cozy and off of it was a porch. Access the same porch from the master bedroom. We were on the bottom floor so we had a porch. The top two floors have balconies. The wood stove was a nice touch. It wasn’t cold enough to use it then. The kitchen was really nice and had everything we needed.

Because it’s a resort there are different activities to do. There’s also a pool in the clubhouse. I expected to go there at least once but I was so busy I never had time to go.

So many of the signs told us to watch out for bears. “Don’t leave any garbage out. It will attract bears.” And so I became slightly paranoid. I didn’t explore the resort as much as I should have because I didn’t want to run into any bears. And there were also a lot of moose in the area. We didn’t drive at night so as to not hit a moose. Maybe I was paranoid but you don’t want to hit a moose. They’re huge!

 Would you ever want to visit New Hampshire? You’d really like it.


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