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Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, New Hampshire

Step onto the Conway Scenic Railroad for a historic train ride in North Conway. Enter your own private cabin and get ready to see all the sights. Keep reading for the full experience.


All trains depart from the 1874 Victorian train station. The station is located on route 16 right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of downtown historic North Conway, New Hampshire. You can’t miss the bright red and yellow building with the clocktower in the middle. The station is set back from the road and has a picturesque green lawn in front.

Conway Scenic Railroad Train Car Exterior

The train cars feature unique color combinations. Each car is more interesting than the one before. The style of the train cars alone takes you a step back in time. Is it 2021 or 1874? It’s hard to tell.


There are a few different options. You can choose the car that has wicker seats and everyone is in one large room. Or you can choose a private cabin that can seat 4. This was the option we chose. We felt it was a better choice in light of current health and safety conditions. And for the same price as sitting together with everyone else, it was a no-brainer.

Conway Scenic Railroad Train Car Interior

I enjoyed looking inside the train. You can see the well-preserved craftsmanship. Everything was covered in wood and glass. You can think back to when the train was originally built and what type of people would have traveled on the train. Who were those people? Where were they going?

You can see the difference between the car with the open seating (above) and the private cabins (below). The private cabins are a good choice if you’d like to sit and watch the ride. The open seating gives you more room to spread your legs and walk about.


My trip included the Conway Valley route. The ride was 30 minutes from the North Conway station to the neighboring Conway station and another 30 minutes back.

A lot of the ride included backcountry in the mountains. Some of the areas included people’s backyards. That was interesting and a little unexpected. Other areas were large open fields where you could take in the beautiful mountain landscape. Check out the cornfield below.


If you have a spare hour definitely check out the Conway Scenic Railroad. Enjoy the views and sit back and relax. Journey to a simpler time and imagine what it would be like to have ridden this train when it was brand new. Definitely worth it. 


  1. Nice trip … on a scenic train and interesting landscapes.

    I always loved trains…grew up around them all my life in New York…

    One day I’ll take the scenic train ride from Georgia to North Carolina… I hear it’s beautiful especially in the Fall.

    Thanks as usual, Kelcy.

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