A-Dong International Supermarket Tour

A-Dong International Supermarket Tour

2020 has been rough on everyone. We all just want to travel far away. International supermarket trips make great staycations even better. Feel like you’re in another country. Imagine the sights, sounds and tastes of a faraway land. International supermarkets truly transport you to another country. The A-Dong Supermarket is located in Hartford, Connecticut. It made me feel like I was traveling to Asia. It was a wonderful feeling. Keep reading for what I saw on that trip.

There were so many different items. It’s an Asian international supermarket so there are things from many different Asian countries. Check out the dried white fungus (below)! And they didn’t look like mushrooms. Preparation tips and background history linked here. They have anti-inflammatory properties, which is great.


There were also bubble tea ice cream bars (above), which I’d never seen before. The soybean paste came in really cute containers (below). A lot of Korean recipes use soybean paste. Buy them just for the containers. They were that cute.


I had seen other items before such as frozen durian (below, right) and also durian ice cream bars (below, left). I’ve eaten durian in candy form. It’s not my taste. Enjoy it if it’s your thing.

They also had mangosteens (below). Mangosteens are the queen of fruit and native to Southeast Asia. Perfectly fitting to find them in an Asian international supermarket.

Check out all the seasonings and spices. An Asian international supermarket represents so many different countries. So there is an infinite amount of seasonings, sauces and spices. Little seasoning packets (below) were like mini recipes. They were such a unique feature. All the seasonings and spices were right there. We know about powdered seasoning. These contained the actual whole spice or clove.


Don’t forget the sweets section. These Choco Roll wafer rolls (below) remind me of the ones you put in coffee or ice cream. They were chocolate-covered with a sweet filling inside. The taro (root vegetable) flavor was delicious. The Yuzu gummy candy stole the show though!

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows how much I love the Yuzu gummy candy from Kasugai. They’re very hard to find. I hadn’t been able to buy them since I was in Chinatown in New York City in January.

If you decide to visit, know that the store is huge! There was aisle after aisle filled with so many items. So many foods that I could not recognize made me really feel like I was traveling to another country. International supermarkets take you to another country. No passport required.

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