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Not Your Average Domestic Travel Bucket List

Have you checked out out my 2020/2021 Dream Travel Bucket List? They were all international destinations. It might be a little while before I’m ready to travel outside of the country. So I decided to put together a domestic travel bucket list of some places in the U.S. that I would like to visit. There are so many places in the U.S. that I have yet to visit.

Seattle, Washington

So many online videos describe the art scene in Seattle. There are so many museums and galleries. Many popular musicians started out in Seattle.

The food is amazing! That’s what all the videos I watch about Seattle say. Specifically I’d like to try the Asian-inspired desserts and bubble tea. Check out this illustrated guide here about all the options. There are also so many other desserts to try from a number of different countries. Experience lots of countries with only a domestic plane ticket. That’s the kind of diversity I love to see.

(Seattle, Washington above)

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

I’ve heard so many things about Chicago that it had to make it’s way onto my Domestic Travel Bucket List. So many people I know have gone there. And a blog I follow is based there. The St. Antonio Riverwalk in Texas was great, so I’d love to try the Chicago Riverwalk. Of course there is always deep dish pizza and other foods to try. We travel just to eat good food and take pictures of beautiful things. Domestic trips can give you just as much good food and good art as any international trip.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve recently met some people from New Orleans. And I have friends that have gone there recently. There was an Italian / Louisiana Creole fusion restaurant called Two Boots that used to be located in my city. Their beignets were amazing and I’d love to try them in Louisiana. I love the architecture of the homes in New Orleans. They’re so beautiful and so full of life.

Laurel, Mississippi

There’s a TV show I watch called Home Town on the Home and Garden TV Network (HGTV) and it’s set in the town of Laurel, Mississippi. I love the houses that they restore on the show. The architecture has that southern charm we don’t have in the North. Laurel seems like such a quintessential southern small town.  It just seems so charming.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

Good Bones is another HGTV show I love. I haven’t been going out much so I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV. It’s led me to want to visit new places. Surprise surprise. I love the houses in Indianapolis that are featured on the show. They are each so unique and contain so much character.

I went to a car museum in Indiana but I was very very small and I don’t remember much. We actually were just passing through. It’d be nice to visit as an adult.

There are a million other cities and small towns I could add to this list. But I’m going to stop here for today. And I just keep thinking about visiting India and my international bucket list keeps getting longer and longer and being pushed further and further back. But I remind myself that it’s important to be grateful for the fact that we even have the possibility to go places. Travel is a luxury. 

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