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DIY: Terracotta Plant Pot Paint Project

Terracotta plant pot paint project. Try saying that five times fast. I recently did a post about using plants for Interior Design. In that post, I talked about the plant I just bought, a fiddle leaf fig. I bought it from Trader Joe’s. I knew I’d have to re-pot it because the roots were coming out of its inner plastic pot.

From my research I saw that terracotta pots are good for this type of plant, because they allow the plant to completely dry out and for the roots to not stay too moist. Otherwise you’ll get root rot and the plant dies. Being the person that I am, I could not just leave the pot the way it was. I had to paint it. So today I’m going to paint with you.


  • terracotta pot & saucer
  • acrylic paint
  • painter’s tape
  • sponge brushes

I started by drawing a rough draft of the type of design I wanted. The design had to be adapted because the the pot I chose ended up being a little wider than I had planned.

Step 1: Paint the Terracotta saucer

Expect the paint to dry almost instantly. This was my first time painting with Terracotta and that was a shocker for me. That means make pretty brushstrokes because you won’t have a chance to fix them before they dry. Add additional coats if you make mistakes.

With the quick drying speed I was able to paint the top completely and head directly to the edges.

Zero drying time also means no need to worry about smudges. Just flip it and continue onto the bottom without skipping a beat.

Step 2: Apply the painter’s tape

Painter’s tape is easy to take on and off. Expect to reposition the tape a few times before you have it the way you want. Smooth down the edges of the tape for a secure fit.

Step 3: Paint the Terracotta pot

Start painting. This part is just as easy as painting the terracotta saucer. It will dry very fast so you can keep rotating and painting. No messy fingers required.

I didn’t paint the bottom. I couldn’t see any reason why I’d need to paint the bottom.

The finished product came out nicely. If you try this project, definitely send me a photo!


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