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My First Cruise to the Bahamas

Lost footage from my first cruise to the Bahamas! We’re not traveling right now. And that’s not fun. So let’s go back in time to when we were traveling. This was 12 years ago in 2008 and I completely forgot about these photos. They were on a DVD packed away in a drawer. Panic cleaning is good for something after all. Without further ado, the photos.


There were long lines to wait in. Then it was finally time to board the Norwegian Spirit. The ship appeared massive from the terminal windows.

I had never taken a cruise before and was super excited. As we sailed away from the Hudson River we waived Lady Liberty goodbye. I remember how windy it was up on the top deck, to this day. Many people take cruises to the Bahamas from Florida. I live in Connecticut and left out of New York.

On Board

After the send off we went back to our rooms. Then it was time for everyone to head to their muster stations. That was the area where your assigned lifeboat was. These weren’t your “Titanic” lifeboats. They were covered with bench seating (below).

All the excitement was tiring. What better way to relax then lounging on a deck chair.

The grand staircase was really nice. This was the heart of the ship and where many events took place. One evening we had “Dinner with the Captain.” It was here that he came and met passengers.

Glass elevators were behind the staircases. I loved being able to see out as I traveled up and down the floors.

The stateroom was a decent size. It was an exterior room with a balcony. My favorite part of the room was the balcony. I would sit out there every single morning.

The restaurants were fine. Norwegian Cruises had “Freestyle Cruising” which meant you could eat anytime you wanted. The restaurants were also generally less formal. Maybe things have changed at Norwegian. Though, at that time there was no midnight buffet. I was disappointed but quickly got over it.

I spent only one day by the pool. There was only one adult pool on the whole ship. There could have been another one I didn’t see. I would have preferred either a larger pool or more than one adult pool.

Cape Canaveral, Florida

The first stop on the cruise was Cape Canaveral in Florida. I left the ship and took a city bus to a mall. There I snagged a pair of shorts for $2. I know I can’t fit them now, if I even still own them.

We got back on the ship and sailed onto the Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is the capital and located on the island of New Providence. It was our first stop in the Bahamas. The clear turquoise waters were soooo beautiful. If you look below you can tell the depth of the water by the color. The darker waters farther away from the shore are deeper.

It was impossible to take my eyes off the waters. They were so pretty.

We got off the ship and walked around the town. There were lots of little shops and restaurants. It wasn’t very crowded.

All the buildings were very bright and colorful. It looked like what you think of when you think of a Caribbean island.

Freeport, Bahamas (A.K.A Paradise Island)

Freeport is a city on Grand Bahama Island. This is where the popular resort Atlantis Bahamas is located. Freeport was our second destination after Nassau.

The ship docked at Lucayan Harbour. There were many restaurants and shops to buy souvenirs. I bought rum cake for my mom.

Nassau seemed to be busier with a larger population. We stayed around the Port Lucaya Marketplace area.

After shopping, I explored the white sand beaches. I took home some of the sand on my flip flops. I was so excited. From then on, I’ve collected sand when I travel. Dubai is my favorite sand so far.

There were a few touristy attractions and I took part. Lots of people got their hair braided at a stall near the harbor. I wish I had done that as well.

Then it came time to head back home. This bridge welcomed us back into New York City. I don’t know what bridge it is.

And just like that it was all over. I’m not a cruise person and haven’t done a cruise since. But it was a great experience.


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