Atlanta, Georgia’s Diverse Architecture

Atlanta, Georgia’s Diverse Architecture

Atlanta has so much diverse architecture. Go from soaring skyscrapers to uniquely shaped and angled buildings. You’ll find every type of building in Atlanta.

Take at look at the “King and Queen” buildings above. White lattice work resembles the heads of royal chess pieces. They are lit with different colors for special occasions.


The Mercedes-Benz stadium was nothing like I’d ever seen before. It had so many unique angles. Book the Engineering and Architecture tour at the stadium to see for yourself.

The AmericasMart Atlanta building (below) was so unique. It had these spiral staircases that surrounded different corners. There was no way I could pass it without photographing it. It’s a wholesale mart, believe it or not. It’s also used as a conference and convention center.

You’ll realize it’s a true labrinth if you make it inside. I wish I had the chance to go inside while I was in Atlanta.


Take a closer look at the spiral staircase (below). The building is located at 240 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303-1340.

Tall buildings aren’t the only type of architecture you’ll see. Brick homes are everywhere in Georgia. This ranch home (below) is a common style.

Have you had a chance to visit Atlanta, Georgia? Did you notice how unique all the buildings were? If you have a chance to visit, go!

One thought on “Atlanta, Georgia’s Diverse Architecture

  1. Yes Kelcy you are right… being a New York transplant for over 25+ years to Atlanta…the diversity is not only in commercial structures.. I think that Atlanta has every home-type you can imagine..from beautiful vintage brick to the very modern aged dwellings…
    A true diverse culture of structures…!

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