Package Design that Catches Your Eye

Package Design that Catches Your Eye

We buy things that appeal to our eyes. That’s why package design is so important. We will choose the item in the best packaging. It’s just human nature. Want to get an A+ on your package design skills? Check out the following brands.

The cute bottle above is from beauty supplement producer, The Tonik. I like that they chose an uncommon bottle shape. The packaging is simplistic and cute at the same time. The next design is also simple, but not really cute.

The minimalist design of this Korres bottle (below) is so unique. So many brands design their packages with supposedly eye-popping colors or patterns. This Korres bottle tries not to stand out, which makes it actually stand out.

There is something great about a clear bottle that allows you to see the product you are using. This packaging, by Grown Alchemist (below) gives you an inside look at the product. It’s the perfect marriage of design and functionality. The design is beautiful. And you can immediately know when you need to purchase another bottle.

Gobe‘s lense filter packaging (below) uses a simple color scheme. Mockups use brownish or kraft paper. Final products use something else. Gobe didn’t care about norms. They took their package design out of the box, and it paid off.

We all buy based on our eyes. The next time you’re at the store, see where your eye goes.

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