Bukchon Hanok Village Architecture Tour

Bukchon Hanok Village Architecture Tour

Walking down the winding streets of South Korea never gets old. It took me a while but I finally visited the Bukchon Hanok Village. The hanoks (traditional Korean homes) were just as beautiful in real life as the pictures.


I’ve stayed overnight in a Hanok before. I talk about it in this post. But this time I went to the famed Bukchon Hanok Village. It’s where all the noble families lived during the the Joseon Dynasty era of Korea.

Now it is home to modern Korean families. This is one reason there is a strict “9-5 policy.” You are encouraged to respect the privacy of the homeowners. There are signs to remind you to be quiet. It makes sense. To us, it’s a living museum. To them, it’s home.


Look at all the different textures of the hanoks. There are so many types of materials used. I can’t even count the number of stones used on the outside. There are smooth stones on the sides of some of them. Others use different types of bricks. Rougher stones line many of the corners.

Enjoy the images below and imagine that you are there as well. Step back and travel to another time and place.


Rent a hanbok if you do visit the Bukchon Hanok Village. Yes, hanbok is just one letter off from hanok. I’ll talk about my experience wearing the hanbok in a future post.

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