Interior Design Inspiration: Bathrooms

Interior Design Inspiration: Bathrooms

With Interior Design there are so many rooms to be designed. The bathroom isn’t usually the first place on you mind. Let’s change that. Bathrooms are great places to incorporate unique design elements.


The bathtub can become the feature element of any bathroom. It’s the same as a fireplace centering a living room. Choose a unique shape. You don’t have to place it against a wall. Put it right in the middle and let  it shine.

Limited Space

Even when space is limited and you must put the tub against a wall, put it at the window. Enjoy the view as you relax. 

Show Your Personality

Your bathroom should express your personality. If you love the outdoors, bring that into your bathroom. Choose natural materials that really bring the outdoors in. Use a variety of textures that represent your personal style. 

Shower Showcase

If your’e not a bath person, don’t fret. Make your shower the focus of your bathroom. Make it large and grand and add all those fancy waterfall shower-heads. Yes, more than one! Choose tile that has a calming pattern to create a spa-like feel. 

Seaside Elements

Another way to add a spa feeling is to incorporate types of woods that remind you of a stroll on the beach. Choose woods that resemble driftwood (wood distressed by the waves). 

No matter what you do, have fun. Who says bathrooms can’t be fun. Make them unique and your own. Make them relaxing so that every day is a day at the beach (or spa). Spas are nice too!

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