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Travel Items I’m Loving Right Now

The new year, arriving tomorrow, will be the chance to visit so many new places and experience new adventures. I’m always on the lookout for travel gear that will make my trip a little easier. See what I’ve been looking into below.

Leather Duffle

I love duffles because they aren’t rigid and I can squeeze in so many extra items on the sides. The one above is from Nuts and Noble. They have a wide variety of leather items. Each item has a classic, timeless look to it. Even though the brand is targeted at men, a lot of items work for women as well.

Lightweight Vest

There is something so versatile about a lightweight vest. I have a few different ones, though most are very bulky. The one below is the perfect layer to add when your coat is not warm enough. Or it’s too hot for a coat and you want a warm layer over a t-shirt.

Passport Cover

My passport cover is almost 10 years old. After recently getting a new passport, I feel like I can use a change. The one below is simple and classic, with room for cards. Holtz Leather has one similar to the one below. There are also custom engraving options.

Packable Hat

So many travel destinations are hot and sunny. That’s one of the reasons a hat that is easy to pack is essential. I have a variety of straw hats, though I need more options that will not get ruined in a suitcase.

What travel items are you looking into for your next trip? Let me know below.

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