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The Perfect New York City Weekend Trip

So many people are in love with New York City. I have to admit, it’s a pretty cool place. It’s a different city every time you visit. Nothing stays the same. Keep reading to see my recommendations for a weekend trip to NYC.

Stay at a Swanky New York City Hotel

One hotel I’d recommend is the Hotel Boutique Grand Central, run by the Club Quarters chain. The rooms were reasonably priced for the location. It is walking distance from both Grand Central Terminal (everyone will call it Grand Central Station) and the Chrysler Building. The rooms are a good size for NYC standards. What made the room stand out was the breakfast nook with bench and table. That was something I’ve never seen in any other hotel before. Another unique feature was the “sleep kits” you can request from the front desk. The one I received contained lavender oil, a sleep mask and ear plugs. There was a rooftop deck that had amazing views of the city (below). After you’ve chosen where you will stay it’s time to explore the city!

Photo-ops at Grand Central Station

You can’t visit New York City without stopping in at Grand Central Terminal/Station. This is one of the iconic buildings of New York City that has been a hallmark for over 100 years. If anything, “do it for The Gram”! This is not the only place you will go for “The Gram.”

Ride the Subway to Time Square

Ride one of the oldest subway systems in the world. The “S” shuttle will take you directly to Times Square. Live out your Taylor Swift “You Belong with Me” dreams. If you feel intimidated about riding the subway, check out my post about navigating the New York City Subway. Take in the sights and sounds of musical performers, dancers and randomness found nowhere else but the New York City Subway. After all the excitement you may want to calm down and relax.

Stroll through Central Park

Central Park is a lot larger than many people realize. During the summer there a various festivals. Row a canoe on the lake and pretend you are in Venice. It can be something as simple as laying out a picnic spread and just people watching. Recreate your favorite movie filmed in the park. And while we’re thinking of all that “acting” it’s time to see some live performances.

See a Broadway Show

I’ve seen only one Broadway show and it was called “She Loves Me” staring Levi Zachary. It was a cute show and afterwards Levi Zachary and the other stars signed autographs and took pictures. There are lots of popular shows to see including the Lion King and Aladdin.

The possibilities of what to do in New York City are endless. Every time you visit the city it will be a different version of itself. I plan on posting a more detailed travel guide for those with more time to spend in the city. Look out for it.

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