How to Design and Create Your Very Own Art Gallery Wall

How to Design and Create Your Very Own Art Gallery Wall

Surround yourself with art you love on a daily basis. That is where art gallery walls come in. They are your own personal museum you get to “tour”daily. Think about the pieces you want to include.

What to Include

The art doesn’t need to include priceless masterpieces. Think prints from local artists that catch your eye. If you have children, you can frame their artwork. Don’t leave out your breathtaking vacation photos. Even thrift shop finds count.

Frame them or leave them as they are. Add new life to old frames by spray painting them a bold new color.  If you have any art from vacations that need to be put on a canvas, check out one of my recent posts about stretching canvas. Now you just need to decide how to display it.

Display Options

Once you’ve decided what pieces you will use, trace them onto newsprint or any other inexpensive paper. Cut out the shapes and place them on the wall with masking tape. This is a great way to picture how you want to lay out your wall ahead of time. Play with different compositions until you find the one you want. Add interest by making it asymmetrical. Balance a large piece on one end with a few smaller pieces on the opposite end. It’s totally up to you.

Attaching Art to the Wall

In the past I always used nails to hang art. I was always left with lots of tiny ugly holes. Recently I’ve started using command strips in an effort to save my walls from damage. They work and can handle a good amount of weight. If you use them, be sure to wipe the wall before applying them.

Now it’s up to you to get to work. It’s not too difficult. The hardest part is deciding which wall to use.

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