San Antonio Food Tour

San Antonio Food Tour

Before my trip, I had heard good things about the food in Texas. I wasn’t disappointed. There was such a wide variety of things to try. There was southern food, Mexican and everything else in between.

La Fogata was one of the first places I visited. The atmosphere was really nice and relaxing. It’s set around a courtyard with a fountain. Choose to sit inside or outside. It was hot that day so we sat inside. I was able to try Mole sauce for the first time on my enchilada. I can’t describe the taste of Mole. You just have to try it for yourself. It’s amazing!

Laguna Madre is a great place for a relaxed lunch. It’s part of the Bill Miller BBQ franchise. I have not had Hush Puppies in many years and was excited to see them on the menu. Their fish and chips were also really good. And their iced tea is the perfect amount of sweet.

Mexican Manhattan was a nice spot Downtown to enjoy Mexican food. The outside balcony was very large and overlooked the San Antonio River Walk. My must-try item is one of their frozen Margaritas. The peach flavor was delicious and included real fruit pieces.

The Republic of Texas was along the San Antonio River Walk and offered lots of choices. Live Karaoke added to the great atmosphere. Their Flan was really good. And I can’t forget how friendly the staff was.

I’ll add a bonus, which was not actually in San Antonio. Gristmill is a gorgeous restaurant in the town of Gruene (pronounced Green). It covers a large area and makes you feel as though you are sitting among a series of old dilapidated barns. Very, very cool atmosphere. I was told that it can seat 1,000 people. This makes it a great place to host parties and events. And it overlooks a beautiful river. The food was good and the staff were very friendly.

Below are a few additional images of the town of Gruene. It’s home to Gruene Hall, the oldest dancehall in Texas. Even though I just drove through to get to Gristmill, Gruene looked like a really cute town.

You will not starve in Texas. That one thing is for sure. There are never ending options for every taste. Don’t take my word for it. Go visit San Antonio and find out for yourself.

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