South Korea Folk Village Time Travel

South Korea Folk Village Time Travel

Maybe the Olympics in Pyeongchang is the reason for your interest in South Korea. Or maybe it has to do with recent movies. There are lots of things to do in South Korea, during both the winter and the summer seasons. A few years ago I was able to visit the Korean Folk Village. It was like taking a step back in time and completely forgetting I was in the year 2014. You are able to see what life was like in the Joseon Era of what is now South Korea. Sit down, pick up a snack and take a trip back in time.


Folk Village outside enclosure

A main feature of the Folk Village is a style of traditional housing called hanok. These are structures that were formed around a general courtyard. There are still people that live in these types of homes to this day. Sometimes the stoves were indoors and sometimes they were outdoors, as you can see in the pictures. The way that food was stored (and in many cases, still stored) is very interesting.

Indoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen
Outside above ground pots

There are pots that are made of earthenware that hold fermented foods like pepper pastes and other foods that I don’t know what they are. There are also pots that are hidden in the ground as you can see inside the grass hut that I was able to sneak in and take a peak of. It was definitely a simpler time, but it seems like it would have been an enjoyable way to live. You can see the way the rooms were laid out and the types of items that people used long ago. We realize that they lived lives not much different from our own. You’ll see in one of the pictures that I got a chance to experience life in that era like a local… 

Underground pots inside outdoor structure
Folk Village underground pots
Folk Village Punishment
Hanok interior
Hanok interior bedroom

Let’s not forget about food though. One of the traditional dishes I was able to try was bibimbap, which is a dish consisting of rice, vegetables and meat. All topped off with a delicious spicy sauce on top. It was so delicious. If you are someone that likes kdramas it’s also a great place to visit.

Bipimbap for lunch

If you have ever heard of the drama “My Love From Another Star,” I hope you are fortunate enough to visit one day as a main film set was the Korean Folk Village. Many areas have signs that show which episodes where filmed and where.

My Love From Another Star

Imagine going back in time to the Joseon Era with all the traditional homes, sights and smells. You will really feel as though you have stepped into a time machine.

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  1. Kelcy looking forward to seeing and reviewing about other places you have traveled to. And we know many other travels are upcoming. This gives me an opportunity to see the world through your adventures :).

  2. I really enjoyed my taste of South Korea. Nice job of giving us in inside view of life during the Joseon Era. Looking forward to future posts. Thanks, Roslyn

  3. Loved the history and folklore described … the pictures bought it to life…
    I would love to visit South Korea one day and experience the life now & then.
    Thank you,
    Jill J.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by. I hope you can go one day as well. So many reasons I can’t stop visiting Korea.

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