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DIY: Wristlet Key Fob / Wristband Keychain

This DIY fabric wristlet key fob is the perfect project for small fabric scraps. Let this very easy project cure your winter cabin fever. Keep reading for the tutorial. Check out my other DIY projects here.


  • fabric – one 14.25 x 3.5″ (36.195 x 8.89 cm) rectangle
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • iron
  • keyring – approx. 1″/ 2.54 cm
  • ruler -12″ / 30.48 cm or longer

Sewing Machine Used

Singer Heavy Duty 4423


Step 1: Prep Your Fabric

My mother once said that an iron transforms any project from amateur to professional. I feel like I haven’t always shown this step in some tutorials.

Start by ironing the fabric. Then fold it in half the long way (dull side facing out) and iron it again.

Step 2: Start sewing the wristlet key fob

Sew a stitch down the open side. Don’t forget the backstitch on all of your stitches (below, right). This keeps the stitches from unraveling.

Step 3: Flip it

Turn the fabric right side out, then iron it flat.

You’ll want the sewn edge to stay to one side, not on the bottom or top (bottom, left).

Step 4: Back to sewing

Add a top stitch to each long side.


Step 5: Assembly of the wristlet key fob

Fold the strip in half, cutting off any loose threads.

Place the keyring about 1″ / 2.54 cm down the strip (top, right). Fold down the top of the fabric over the keyring (bottom, left), then a second time (bottom, right). Now the bottom of the ring is covered.

Sew across to seal in the ring. Keep the rough edges tucked so they don’t peak out on the sides. The fabric will bunch slightly as you sew. This is normal. You will have to rotate the fabric slightly since you’re sewing under a circular object.


That’s it! You’re done! Hook your wristlet key fob onto your keys.


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