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Home Office Inspiration: Get Stuff Done

Do you have a home office? Even if you don’t work from home most people have a home office. Maybe it’s a spare room. It could even just be a small nook. It’s that space where you are able to leave distractions behind and work and study. Keep scrolling for ways to inspire your space.


I love the desk above. One of the great features is that it’s adjustable. There is also storage on the bottom, although I like the look of having nothing there. It makes the desk look uncluttered that way.


The home office above is not really an office at all. It’s a little hide away inside of a bedroom. When you don’t have space for a separate office that’s what you do. And it works just fine.


The office space above is also part of another room. The live edge wood used for the desk is so creative. That’s a big trend for coffee tables right now. Who says you can’t do the same thing with your desk.

One thing you will notice in everyone one of these images is plants. Even the photo below has one. There is something about letting nature in that helps you work and study better. Of course a plant is the perfect addition to any home office. I’m thinking of getting a plant. I killed my first succulent after two weeks so I’m going to need to work my way up to a larger plant.


Whether your home office is a separate room, or it’s a nook in a different room, it doesn’t matter. Make it your own. Add a cool and unique desk. Throw in a plant to breathe easier. Do whatever you need to feel inspired in your space.

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