Oido Lighthouse and Fish Market in South Korea

Oido Lighthouse and Fish Market in South Korea

Oido in Siheung was such a calming area. It was near the seaside and included a lighthouse and many seafood restaurants. There was even a fish market. I’d always heard about fish markets in Asia and was just curious to see what one looked like in real life.

The Oido Seaside

Below is a map of the surrounding area. It included the Oido Prehistoric Remains Park and the sea.

Oido Information Sign

The plaque below explained the purpose of the lighthouse. They built it to “expand the vitalization of fishing village, fishing port sightseeing through promotion.” It’s basically a big landmark to draw tourists. In 2006 the location was featured in the MBC Kdrama “What’s Up Fox.”

Oido Lighthouse plaque

I wondered where all the water had gone. The whole seabed was dry. Seafood restaurants lined the street. Where were all the fish coming from?

Dry seabed

You can see even more below. Someone said there was water further back. Everyone I asked didn’t pay much attention to fact that there was absolutely no water to be seen.

The restaurant owners were so friendly. They would keep yelling at my friends and I in English. They wanted us to go and eat at their restaurants. Tanks outside of each restaurant showcased their seafood selection.

Oido streetview

There were also cafes and hotels along the way. All the restaurants had yellow and red signs. It was impossible to tell one from the other. And they were all selling the same seafood. I guess I would have needed to look at online reviews.

The sunset over the water was amazing. There were also cool sculptures like the one below.

The Fish Market

After the sun had set, we headed over to the fish market. Many people expect fish markets to smell fishy. But they don’t at all because all the fish are still alive. There was nothing off putting about visiting at all. Maybe don’t wear high heels or expensive shoes. Your feet will most likely get wet. I walked on the metal grates to keep my feet as dry as possible.

Oido Fish Market

There were all types of fish. Look closely below. You’ll see a small alligator. There was also a turtle who I felt really bad for. He was in a corner in his tank and looked so sad. I let him retain his dignity and didn’t photograph him.

Fish market tank

There were so many types of shellfish. I have no idea what the ones below are. The selection really was endless. See the octopus on the left?

shellfish in fish market

The flounder below were quite entertaining. They would try to swim to the edge of their tank until the tank started to overflow. I think they were trying to escape.

flounder fish in tank

But in the end, all the fish ended up in a basket, ready to be someone’s dinner. You could purchase any seafood you liked. Then, they would take the fish and clean it/wrap it up nicely for you.

If you are in the Siheung area, visit Oido for sure. It was such a relaxing trip for my friends and I. And the sunset over the water (i.e. dry seabed) really was beautiful.

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