Airport Survival: Your Go-to Guide

You arrive late to the airport. You’re racing down to your gate and you hear your name on the intercom. There is sweat pouring down your face as you reach the counter, only to realize the gate has been closed!

Do you ever feel like the airport should have its own “survival guide”? Look no further. I’m here to help.

Get to the Airport on Time

Worried about sleeping through your alarm and missing your flight? Set two alarms. Place your alarms, whether on your phone or wherever, in a location far away from your bed.


This will prevent you from sleeping through your alarm, or thinking you hit snooze when you never did. It happens. But when it comes to catching a plane, train or any other type of transportation, you need to leave on time. Being on time reduces the dreaded stress of vacation planning.

Keep Important Documents Together

Assign one person to carry passports and other important documents. This way one person’s lost passport doesn’t ruin your whole trip. You don’t want to be like this couple, who, after arriving in Greece, lost their passports on the plane. They had to turn right back around and go home. So very stressful indeed!


Also, don’t leave important papers lying around. Even boarding passes have sensitive information that can fall into the wrong hands.

Get Through Airport Security Faster

There are ways to get through the airport super fast. The TSA Precheck comes to mind. What if you don’t want to pay the yearly fee?

Then wear shoes that are easy to remove. I wear extra socks over my regular socks so I don’t put germs from the carpet into my shoes. Leave anything you may have to remove in your carry-on. This includes jewelry, jackets, belts, etc. Then you won’t have to waste time removing them. You’ll only have to worry about putting them on before you board the plane.

Enjoy Free Airport Experiences

Maybe just the thought of being in an airport gives you anxiety. Then do what you can to make the best of it.

Many airports have fun experiences that are there for the taking. These are perfect for when your flight is delayed or you have an extremely long layover. Cultural experiences allow travelers to experience a taste of the country’s culture. Learn about the history and take part in activities. Other airports offer free city tours for extra long layovers. This is a great option if you want to check an extra country off your list.

Melt the Stress Away in a Lounge

Aren’t lounges only for Business Class and First Class passengers? Not necessarily. Many credit cards grant access to airport lounges.

Another way is to use a rental service such as LoungeBuddy where you are able to purchase lounge access for the day. There is nothing like a long shower after a 15 hour flight. I plan to use this option for one of my upcoming trips. I will take pictures. Don’t worry.

Going through airports can be so stressful and nerve-wrecking. Having the right tips can help make it just that much easier.


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