Unexpected Winter Getaway Destinations

Unexpected Winter Getaway Destinations

So many destinations are popular winter getaways. Others just aren’t on the radar. Let’s change that. Think out of the box this winter and enjoy a few unexpected winter getaway destinations.


Arizona gets extremely hot in the summertime. Once summer temperatures have cooled down and winter hits it’s the perfect time to visit all the places that are tourist traps in the summer. Think of famous sights such as the Grand Canyon. Aside from the Grand Canyon are the breathtaking Havasu Falls. The high levels of calcium carbonate and magnesium make the water’s blue color an incredible sight. The falls are located within the Havasupai Reservation and will take some planning to get to. Despite the extra effort to reach them, I’ve heard that you won’t leave disappointed. Another great place to check out is  Antelope Canyon  (above). It has become such a must see on so many lists that you will definitely skip the crowds when visiting in the wintertime. All of these attractions are also less money in the off-season. It’s a win win.

New Mexico

New Mexico often gets overlooked as a winter travel destination. There are many different festivals that highlight the culture and showcase what New Mexico has to offer. The Red Rock Balloon Rally  will take place from the end of November 2018 into December 2018 and includes mass balloon ascensions. It also features handcrafted Native American art. During January 2019 the Etscorn Star Party  takes place at the Magdalena Star Observatory. Once the sun sets you are guided through astronomical objects using telescopes to experience the beauty that is the stars in all their glory. Attend the Lunar Eclipse Watch Party at the White Sands National Monument that will also take place in January 2019.


Texas is a great spot due to its mild winters. I was able to visit Texas for the first time this past May. It was 99 degrees everyday and that was before summer had even arrived. The summers are extremely hot and humid. That’s why wintertime is the best time in my opinion to visit Texas. I suggest learning the Texas two-step at Cowboys, a great dancehall in San Antonio. There are also live shows and special events that feature dance lessons. The historic city of Gruene is also a great place that will have less crowds than during the summertime.

Are there any winter getaway destinations that you use to escape the winter weather? Share them in the comments.

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