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Dubai Shopping Guide – My Go-to Places

This Dubai Shopping Guide will show you the top places to see and buy things found no where else but in Dubai! When I travel to new lands I don’t want to buy things I can get in my home country. It’s way more exciting to get unique items found only at my destination. Before traveling to the U.A.E. I searched all over for the best things to buy in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall – #1 stop on the Dubai Shopping Guide

The first place I suggest going is the Dubai Mall. Besides visiting the Burj Khalifa (see my post about Dubai architecture), there are a million other things to see.


Try Candylicious, where there is every kind of candy to discover. The employees also put on show and perform for passersby. This is one of the places to purchase Camel Milk Chocolate and enjoy hot chocolate samples. There are also lots of Dubai-themed candy tins that make great gifts.

Other unique places to shop included stores from other far away countries. I was super excited to find two Japanese stores, Muji and Daiso, that are very difficult to find in North America. Besides the Dubai Mall is the Mall of the Emirates.


Mall of the Emirates

While I didn’t find time to visit the Mall of the Emirates myself, two of my travel buddies did and told me all about it. This is the mall where you can ski indoors and play with penguins. You’ll forget you’re in the middle of a desert. Besides the malls, there are various souks.

The Souks

The spice souks include spices, teas, dates, perfumes and other miscellaneous items. Be ready for lots of enthusiastic people trying to sell you things.


The gold souks, feature all different types of gold, as you might have guessed. Do bargain at the souks. Bargaining is encouraged. But make it worth their while, by buying multiples. Also, this is their livelihood, so remember to be fair.

So that’s my guide to shopping in Dubai. There are so many things to buy and so many places to shop. You’ll never be bored shopping in Dubai.

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