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How to Get Around Industry City Brooklyn

I stumbled upon Industry City Brooklyn when I was in Brooklyn earlier this month. Industry City is a complex in Brooklyn overflowing with artists, galleries and eateries serving food from many different countries.


Industry City is right over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.  It is a former warehouse that has been converted into a multiplex of 550 companies that range from design and art, all the way to technology and manufacturing. It is 6 million square feet of creativity and culture. There is so much to see and do, including this uniquely painted freight elevator pictured below.

All the buildings and shops can be overwhelming for sure. So, I will break down Industry City Brooklyn into a few areas of interest.

Artisan Workshops

I spent a good amount of time in building 5, which was located on 35th street. The first and second floors hold many artists and their workshops. For example, there was a shoemaker (Francis Waplinger).

There was a woman who sold lingerie and nightgowns (Rue du Paris Lingerie). She was actually sewing right there in the window. Down the hall there was an art gallery (Court Tree Collective). Another shop sold Japanese ceramics (Ippin Project).

If you are looking to shop small, this is the place to go. Visit the shops and meet the artists. Watch them as they’re creating.

Worldwide Cuisine

Sahadi’s is a Middle Eastern grocery store and eatery. Other grocery stores include IC General Supply, Ends Meat and Sunrise Mart.


In addition to grocery stores, there are plenty of eateries offering a taste of the world. I visited India Home Cooking (formerly Taza Market) and picked up my favorite Indian Lay’s chips, “India’s Magic Masala”.

Ejen serves Korean comfort food. They are located in the food hall, among a lot of other restaurants serving food from Asia and beyond.

Unique Shopping Experiences

Daiso is a Japanese dollar store that sells snacks, stationary and so much more. I’ve visited the store in other places I’ve traveled to. Of course I had to visit the one at Industry City. I bought snacks and ramen.

Other stores include Remix Market, a secondhand home goods shop and Porcelanosa, a Spanish interior design brand. They specialize in ceramic tiles and other home items.

Breuckelen Berber sells vintage Moroccan carpets, textiles and design items. The IC Store by Wanted Design sells home items made by local makers.

If you’re looking for a unique bookstore, check out Powerhouse. They sell books about fine art, pop culture, fashion and more.


Outdoor Courtyards

The outdoor courtyards are a destination in their own right. There are art installations and activities for families. Sit and enjoy your food at the tables and benches. There is a different courtyard between each building.


Special Events

Industry City Brooklyn hosts lots of events throughout the year. These include beer tastings, exercise classes, karaoke and more. Some events require a fee, though many are completely free.

If you are heading to Brooklyn, you have to visit Industry City. Support local artists. Eat amazing food. Enjoy great events in a really cool location.

Address: 220 36TH ST, SUITE 2-A, BROOKLYN, NY 11232

Website: About Us | Explore Industry City

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