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5 Things You Need for Your Travel Photography Toolkit

Are you interested in a basic travel photography toolkit? You don’t want a lot of equipment, but are still looking to improve your travel photography? I’ve got what you need.

Canon camera

My Canon Powershot SX530 is my tried-and-true blogging camera.  I purchased my camera from BestBuy in 2018 and have had zero issues. It can be used in the same way as a basic point and shoot digital camera. However, it has manual features like a DSLR. In the future I would like to upgrade to one with a view finder and a fold out display. For now, it gets the job done.


I go into more detail as to why I chose a bridge camera over a DSLR one in this post. I also talk about why I chose a camera with rechargeable batteries.

Quality Cellphone Camera

Samsung phones have good cameras. I use my Samsung Galaxy S10 to shoot places where I prefer to not carry a bulky camera. Other times I use it where it is not safe to carry a camera. There are also places like stores where photography is not generally encouraged.

Battery charger + extra rechargeable camera battery

Rechargeable batteries for me all the way. I don’t like constantly buying batteries. It’s a pain when traveling and there are no stores nearby that carry batteries. This is especially true in more isolated areas.


For the first few years of owning my camera I did not own a spare battery. The battery life is amazing on the battery that it came with. However, I like the security of knowing I have a backup. And recently there have been times I needed that backup battery.

Those rechargeable batteries need to be charged. My battery charger charges a single battery at a time within a few hours. The charger is very simple to use and durable. It’s small enough to make travel easy. No complaints there.

USB card reader

My phone has enough storage keep the photos I take. However, I love having back up. Google Photos is great for backup. The issue is that once you go over the storage amount you have two choices. Pay for more storage or have your new photos stop uploading to Google Photos.


This cellphone card reader takes my photos straight from my phone and puts them on my portable hard drive. This was a recommendation from YouTuber Octavia B. It makes so much sense.


The tripod does you would expect and holds up my camera.  I bought mine on Ebay years ago and I have had zero issues with it.

The camera can be held in all different directions. It can even shoot with the camera being on its side, if you would ever need that. There is a level on the tripod’s side to make sure the camera is level. There is a hook to hold a weight if you ever need to keep your tripod from tipping over. My specific model is the ZOMEI Q111 55″ Professional Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod in blue.

A simple travel photography toolkit does not need to be excessive. I do not shoot video, so my list of equipment is shorter than a Youtuber. But these tools will give you everything you need to shoot great travel photography. 

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