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Top Features of the Restyled JetBlue Airbus A320

Today we are reviewing the restyled JetBlue Airbus A320. The aircraft has been upgraded with lots of new features that I will be reviewing. They even named the restyled planes with cute names. I flew on “Blue Infinity And Beyond!” (tailfin # N784JB). Other cute names of some of the other restyled A320 planes include “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Estrella Azul” and “It Takes Blue To Tango.”

Restyled JetBlue Airbus A320 Cabin

The cabins have cool blue lights that provide a calm flying experience. You can see the lights above my head, below. It’s a nice touch and reminds me of the overhead lighting on Emirates’ Airbus A380s.


According to Airbus, the A320 family has the largest overhead bins in its class. They call them their XL bins.


I have to agree with that statement. I have flown numerous Boeing 737s and I’m always nervous my rolling duffle bag will have to be gate-checked because it will not fit in the overhead bin. On my most recent flight I did bring a smaller duffle bag just so I wouldn’t run into this problem. However, I’m confident that even my regular rolling duffle bag would have fit.


Airbus also boasts the latest IFE plus connectivity.  This means the latest movies and lots of ways to connect your devices. They offer free high speed wi-fi, free movies and DIRECTV®. The screens are 10.1″.

Again, they did a good job. There were so many movie choices and other forms of entertainment. This included audio programs and a special section for children. Every seat had USB and power outlets. I also noticed two headphone jacks under my screen. When I sat in my seat and touched the screen I was welcomed with a personal greeting. The IFE provides entertainment suggestions based on your preferences. Definitely a nice feature!


When you’re crammed into a metal sardine can in the sky, space is usually limited.  Airbus claims that their new A320 offers more comfort and personal space.  I am 5′ 7″ (1.7018 M) and felt I had enough space. The seat pitch was 32 inches (81.28 CM).

This was a 4 hour flight so I wasn’t expecting to be able to fully stretch out. I was content with the amount of space I had for this length of flight.

The seats themselves were comfortable. If you have flown with JetBlue for a long time you’ll remember the grey comfy leather seats they used to have. They felt like sinking into a big leather sofa. I do miss those, but the seats on this flight were definitely satisfactory.

The seat back compartment had two spots to hold water bottles. There was also a multi-use compartment that used elastic straps to secure whatever small device you are trying to store.



There were two lavatories in the rear and one in the front. I did not visit the one in the front. The one I did visit in the back did not meet my expectations. It was extremely cramped. 

Bottom Line

Overall I’m satisfied with the space on the restyled JetBlue Airbus A320. The lavatories could definitely have been larger.  I believe its strongest feature in comparison with the Boeing 737 is the overhead bin space. The overhead bins are definitely larger. And if that’s the difference between having to gate-check my bag or keep it in the cabin with me, then I’m a fan.

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