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The Ultimate All-Inclusive Resort Checklist

Use my Ultimate All-inclusive Resort Checklist to choose the best resort for your needs. There are so many options and it gets confusing. I’ll help you decide what’s most important to you.

All-Inclusive Resort?

Many all-inclusive resorts claim to be all-inclusive but really are not. Watch out.

Is the food included with the price?
Do drinks cost extra?
Are there only certain packages that offer all-inclusive services?

Lots of food and drink options

Food is very important. It’s one of the main reasons people choose an all-inclusive resort in the first place. You don’t want to have to pay extra for your food. Below are some things to consider as you look through the food options of your potential all-inclusive resort.

Do you have to make reservations?
Are you looking for lots of drink options?
What is the buffet at the resort like? Is there only one buffet?
Are there any food reviews? How do people rate the quality?
Are there different restaurants?
What are the options for room service?

Pools, how many and what types

Have you ever been to a resort or gone on a cruise where there were only two pools? One for adults and one for children. That’s not usually enough. Choose a resort that has enough pool options for your needs.

Do you want to have an “adults only” pool at your resort?
If you have children, will there be  a water park for them? 
Does the pool look very tiny and crowded?
Are you interested in features such as swim up bars?
Do you want a private pool?
Are you interested in a room with a swim up pool?

Room options and amenities

There are lots of hotels that offer great services and amenities but they have not been updated in ages. Maybe this is important to you. Maybe it’s not. Decide.

Do you want an updated hotel room or one that looks like it was taken out of the 1980s?
Are you looking for rooms that will photograph well or are you just looking for something spacious and clean? 
Do you want a suite or studio?
Are you interested in rooms that have balconies or other special features?
Do you want your room to face the pool or do you want to face the beach?

Things to do

What activities are there to do at the resort? Laying on the beach all day is fine. But that gets old fast.

Are you looking for night life at the resort?
Do you want to play sports? 
Interested in visiting a spa during your trip?
Looking to see a live show?


Some all-inclusive resorts are very isolated and do not have any main stores or landmarks located nearby.  Others are located on major roads.

Do you want to be on a main road with lots of attractions and tourist shops?
Are you planning to mostly stay on the resort property and don’t care about outside attractions?
Do you want to be steps from the beach or do you want to be in a resort in the mountains?
Are you interested in being near public transportation?
How far away from the airport do you want to be?
Is there a bank nearby where you can exchange money?
Are you interested in interacting with the locals?

Let me know if these tips were helpful. Bookmark my Ultimate All-inclusive Checklist for the next time you are ready to book an all-inclusive trip. 

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