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The Best Shopping Guide for Daiso Japan, Flushing Queens

Daiso Japan is a Japanese store found in many countries. They sell inexpensive items in many different categories. It’s my obsession anytime I go to South Korea. I’ve also been to the one in Dubai and it was okay, but not the same. I was really excited about the store opening locations in both New York and New Jersey.

Enjoy the feeling of shopping in Japan without leaving the U.S. All the items have Japanese yen prices. There are signs to convert Japanese yen to U.S. dollars. Let’s begin!

Daiso Japan: Bowls and Dishes

My first stop was to look at the bowls and dishes. I have purchased plates at the store in South Korea and they are always good quality at low prices. I actually bought these Japanese bowls (below) as a housewarming gift for a friend the last time I was in Seoul. But I didn’t buy any for myself so I picked these up. There are so many different types of plates, bowls and trays.

Daiso Japan: Snacks

Then I moved on to the food and snacks section. There were all different types of ramen and Japanese candies. Then I saw a brand of “make it yourself” candy which I’ve tried before that is really cool. It’s called PoppinCookin. You can make items like candy bento boxes and sushi.

You’ll need chopsticks to eat your ramen. While shopping in Daiso Japan you will find a wide variety of chopsticks. They had wooden chopsticks and other types of silverware. Don’t forget about cases to carry your chopsticks.

Daiso Japan: Home Goods

After the food and silverware section it was on to the home goods section.  Choose from a number of types of slippers. There was a really nice “leather” pair (bottom, right) but the bottoms had no grip. My accident-prone self could not have bought them. But they were so cute.

Do you have lots of items and no where to put them? Daiso Japan in Flushing has you covered. I especially like the air-tight containers that these type of stores sell. They are such high quality.  


Looking for a furry friend to snuggle up with that doesn’t leave dog hair everywhere?  This Shiba Inu plush is waiting for you. This type of dog is native to Japan and so cute. You may recognize him as the Dogecoin dog.


Clean your house with all things cute. This includes mop slippers and dust pans with smiley faces. It won’t make cleaning easier but it will add a little dash of fun.

Daiso Japan: What I bought!

Let’s check out what I actually purchased. Two plastic Japanese bowls came home with me. I love the “wood” texture on the sides. These are made of plastic. I can’t tell if they’re microwave-safe because everything is written in Japanese. Though I don’t plan on using them in the microwave anyway.


I also brought a picnic sheet. They had ones that seat 1-2 people or 2-3 people. I chose the 2-3 people version. It’s waterproof and comes in this cute little caring case. I can’t wait to use this at the park when the grass is too wet to use a traditional blanket.


I love all things yuzu flavored so picked up a sparkling drink. Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Asia. It’s also called a citron. (The tea form is great for keeping colds away. I take it at the first sign of a sore throat.) I also picked up a Passion fruit drink that reminds me of my trip to Haiti.

Then there are some bag accessories such as the bag organizer and a mirror that clips onto your bag. I have the larger version of the bag organizer that I got from no other than a Daiso store located in South Korea. It’s perfect for organizing my car console. This new one is the perfect size for my small everyday bag. No more transferring things to a different bag and forgetting something. Some nail stickers rounded out my purchases.


Bonus: Paris Baguette

This is Flushing, Queens, which has a large Korean population. We couldn’t help but stop at the local Paris Baguette.  It wasn’t the cleanest or well-stocked one I’ve ever been to. We decided not to purchase anything. But the cakes were still pretty so I took a picture.

Did you enjoy our shopping trip to this Daiso Japan store in Flushing, Queens? Are there any other “traveling without traveling” stores you’d like for me to try? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Cute post, Kelcy…
    And yes, the Paris – yummy dessert – store looks just like they do in Paris…There they are on just about every corner and enticing as you wonder what to buy…
    Thanks for the trip to Flushing, Queens

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