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An Unusual Art Gallery: It’s All Around Us

Journey with me to an unusual art gallery. We go to museums to look at art. We don’t go to the doctor’s office to see art. We may see those art pieces that are made for doctor’s offices and corporate buildings. But those are usually mass produced pieces, without the artist being credited.

A doctor’s office in Fairfield County, Connecticut was the last place I was looking to find art pieces by well-known artists. But I did, so let me show you what I found. Then check out the artists to learn more about them.

One of the first pieces that caught my eye was flowers in a vase. I did a little digging and saw that it was part of the Annenberg Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Works in the collection can be purchased in a book that’ is available on the MET website. And you can check out the different pieces that are in it on the website. The piece was none other than Roses by Vincent Van Gogh. An impressionist work by one of my favorite artists at my doctor’s office. Go figure.

A second painting of Van Gogh also caught my eye. It followed his familiar style and was signed with his name, Vincent. Check it out below.

Another great piece is by Jerry Schurr.  The piece is called “Shadow Lake” and was produced in 1981. This is my first time discovering his work. He was born in 1940 and is still living (according to the article I read). He created lots of rugged landscapes of places in the United States. He would use silk screen printing in his paintings.

Joan Miró was a Spanish painter whose work is also included. He was a painter, sculptor and ceramicist. There is one piece that bears his name.

Although looking at the style of his other work, it appears that another one also belongs him. I cannot be 100% sure as it’s not labeled. It’s the very top image.

This unusual art gallery included art in the lobby. There were large fabric tapestries. Each featured warm muted tones. There was no description showing the artist. If anyone knows of similar pieces and their origin please let me know in the comments.

Pauline Eble Campanelli is another artist that was featured. Her print includes a basket on a table, called “Wild Rose Berries”. She was born in New York in 1949 and passed away in 2001. Campanelli is known for her floral still-life paintings. She had a studio in New Jersey and depicted life sized still lifes of colonial antiques.

I encourage you to learn more about the featured artists. Then I challenge you to look for an unusual art gallery in your daily life. You’ll definitely be surprised with what you find, if you take the time to experience the art all around you!


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