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5 Ways to Improve Wellness While You Travel

Let’s learn how to improve wellness while you travel from some of the best airlines in the world. What tips do they recommend to get the best travel experience and avoid stress? How can you really pamper yourself at 30,000 FT in the air? Let’s find out.


Cathay Pacific offers a variety of travel wellness articles on their website. These range from how to stay healthy while traveling, to tips for getting over jet lag. They even talk about the best stretches to do in-flight. A few authorities in the wellness industry share their thoughts below.

Andrew Cox (the director of training at Joint Dynamics in Hong Kong) recommends “fitting in a high-intensity workout the day you fly, as it pays back with fatigue that will make you more likely to rest well during your flight. If a workout isn’t realistic, why not use any down time at the airport to rack up steps while waiting to board.”


In-flight exercise is also a great option. “The benefits of exercise continue to pay off once you arrive. It may not feel like your best workout, but it will do wonders to release muscle tension, get the blood flowing and help you sleep better at your new destination.”

Stay Hydrated (Inside and Out)

Karen Aleksich’s (general manager of Protea, distributors of Environ skincare) “number-one recommendation is to hydrate, beginning pre-flight with a gentle exfoliating and hydrating facial mask.”

Lara Louw (an occupational health specialist in Cathay Pacific’s corporate medical team) provides tips for how to dress on your flight. She “suggests loose-cut clothes made from natural fibers and comfortable shoes that can accommodate possible swelling.”

Check out more wellness tips from Cathay Pacific here.

Massages at 30,000 feet

Turkish Airlines came out with a Fly Good Feel Good guide to help you stay comfortable on your journey. It includes the perfect massages to improve your circulation and relax your muscles.

Hand massage – When you sit still on a plane, you may lose sensation in your hands as a result of poor circulation. This exercise will work your extremities and warm up your hands. Extend your left arm forward with your palm facing up. Bring your right hand over to your left and rest it on top so each finger meets. Make sure your fingers are in line. Interlock your fingers and relax your hands. Use your left thumb to massage your right hand, and then your right thumb to massage your left hand.

Foot massage – Open your hands fully and extend your fingers. Close each finger one-by-one and make two fists. Repeat this exercise a few times. While your fists are clenched rotate your wrists from inside to out. Repeat this exercise five times for each wrist.

Leg massage – Hold your right leg with both hands and lift it slightly. Then leave your right leg and lift your other leg. This will increase circulation in your legs.

Amenity kits

Emirates has everyone’s wellness in mind when you fly with them. Even the Economy Class receives amenity kits that include an eye mask, toothbrush & toothpaste, socks and other items.


If you airline doesn’t offer an amenity kit, learn how to make one here.

Journaling for anxiety and motion sickness

Qatar Airways offers their own tips for wellness while you travel. They partnered with the Chopra Center for Well-being and Deepak Chopra to create a guide for wellness.

The guide encourages you to write your thoughts in a journal or notebook if your mind is very active during the flight. Those feelings of flight anxiety can also lead to motion sickness. This has happened to me.

The guide provides advice for what to do if you are feeling motion sickness during your flight. The best way is to look straight ahead and keep your eyes focused on a non-moving object. Read the whole guide here.

Use these tips on your next flight to improve wellness while you travel. Are there any other tips you suggest? Leave them in the comments.

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