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A Luxury Train Ride: Slow Travel in Peru

A luxury train ride is the perfect way to slow down and experience the sites of your destination. I traveled by train through Conway, New Hampshire in 2021 (below). This was a very short ride but it was so enjoyable.


Lately I’ve been seeing lots of slow travel trends on social media. There was one train in particular I had to learn more about. The Belmond Andean Explorer train is a luxury train ride like no other. Let it take you on a tour of the Andes in Peru.



There are many itineraries to choose from. I will highlight two.

The Spirit of the Andes

This itinerary includes one night traveling from Puno to Cusco.

Board the Andean Explorer in Puno near Lake Titicaca.
Dine on Andean cuisine for lunch.

Then make a stop at Cordillera de la Raya. Get back on board and enjoy cocktails and dinner. Then arrive in Cusipata, where the train will spend the night.

The next stop is Cusco. This city was once the capital of the Inca Empire. Your journey has come to an end and you disembark the train.

Andean Plains and Islands of discovery

This itinerary includes the cities of Arequipa, Puno and Cusco.

Step onto the train in Arequipa. Get ready to experience a dinner full of Andean cuisine. After that, enjoy cocktails with the other passengers on the train. The train will continue on its Journey to your next destination.

Enjoy breakfast on the way to Lake Titicaca. You will leave the train to explore Lake Titicaca. This lake is the highest navigable lake in the world. The lake also includes several islands.

Next, travel to Uros on a traditional boat. Uros is an artificial Island constructed by the indigenous locals. It’s made of interwoven reeds. These same reeds are used to make the homes and boats.

Head back on board for lunch as the train leaves for La Raya.
Then it’s time for dinner and more cocktails.

Enjoy your breakfast and views of the sun rising over La Raya.
Then eat brunch as the train arrives in Cusco. Your wonderful journey has come to an end.



No luxury train ride is complete without outstanding cabins. What makes the Andean Explorer unique are the Peruvian accents. The cabins feature Peruvian accents and hand-woven fabrics. Cabins also include oxygen tanks and masks. This is due to the high altitude.

Cabin types include bunk bed cabins, twin bed cabins and suite cabins. See the bunk bed cabin in the photo above. The suite cabin is in the photo below. 

Don’t forget to take a peek inside this dining car. Enjoy your meals in luxury as you gaze out onto the Andean countryside.


There is so much more to experience on the Andean Explorer train. Check out the complete list of itineraries here.

All images courtesy of Belmond.

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