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Learn a New Language Like a Child

I learn a new language like a child does. Visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures is amazing. But speaking different languages has helped me tremendously in my travels. I’m going to share some of my tips. A YouTube video and a blog post by World of Wanderlust inspired this post. I have dabbled in many languages. I took Spanish in school. Then I learned French and Haitian Creole to do volunteer work. After that I started learning Korean. I also threw Arabic in there for a short time. People ask me how I learn languages. This is my answer.


Completely immerse yourself

Speak to locals when you are visiting a new country. Don’t only speak to people that speak your language because it’s easier. This will hinder you. Speak as much as you can to people who don’t speak your native language. This will force you to learn a lot faster.

We can’t always visit the country of our target language (the language you want to learn). In this case immerse yourself in ways that you’re able to. Watch shows online in your target language. Locate restaurants where people speak your target language.

Join a Meetup Group where people that speak your target language want to learn your native language. Make sure you read that correctly. Do not join a Meetup Group where others that speak your language are trying to learn your target language. You need to be around people that do not speak your native language well. Because if you meet with people who speak fluent English, everyone will just start speaking English. This applies to anyone’s native language.


Stop trying to learn a language

One of my biggest tips is to not try to learn the language. Confusing? How do children learn languages? Are they reading books and taking classes? No. They’re not talking at first, just absorbing what is around them. So just absorb. It may be awkward at times. At first you will not understand. But the more you take in, the more you will start putting the pieces together.

When we try to force ourselves we produce pressure. This becomes a barrier to our learning. Take off the pressure and just enjoy the experience.


Embarrassment is natural

You will make mistakes when learning a new language. This is completely normal and natural. But it is the reason that a lot of people can’t speak other languages. Don’t let people discourage you.

These may be people in your own family telling you that you don’t speak the family language well. That type of negativity is the reason people don’t make progress. It has no place in your life if you truly want to become fluent in another language.

Remember to completely immerse yourself and avoid only speaking to people who speak your native language fluently. Don’t pressure yourself and learn a language like a child does. Embarrassment after making a mistake is natural. This is the only way you will actually learn.

Were these tips to learn a language like a child helpful for you? Let me know. 


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