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Shopping in Jacó, Costa Rica: Souvenir Guide

Shopping in Jacó is the same as shopping in any new travel destination. The best things to buy when you visit a new country are items you will use every day in your home country. Every time you use these items, you’ll be reminded of your trip.

Magnets and keychains are exceptions. Buy them if you know the person will use them. I don’t buy little trinkets that will collect dust. You know how I feel about traditional souvenirs from an older post. Keep reading to see my recommendations.

Magnets, keychains, etc.

The best place to pick up quality magnets and keychains is Morpho Souvenir. They also had good deals on t-shirts. The Jacó Beach t-shirt you see in the picture below is from this store. I went there two days in a row because I was so satisfied with my purchases. The customer service was really good and they have a large variety of items.


Wood Items

There were many shops that showcased a lot of wood carved items. See the bracelets and rings below. The shop I went to specialized in everything wood. They also sold hats and other clothing items. I can’t remember the exact location. It is located across from Pops. I spoke about Pops in one of my earlier Costa Rica posts.


Coffee, tea and candy

Another great place to get souvenirs is the grocery store. I went to a few different grocery stores in Jacó. The largest one was Maxi Pali. It’s basically a giant Costa Rican version of Walmart. This is where I picked up coffee, tea and candy. The item on the bottom left is a guava-based confection that resembles a Haitian fudge.


Local Designers

I spoke about Dolores Shop in my post about what to do in downtown Jacó Beach. It reminded me of a Costa Rican version of the U.S. store Anthropologie. I purchased the handmade ‘Pura Vida” pouch from this store. Check out the designer’s Etsy shop.

I also bought this men’s dress shirt from the same store. It’s not handmade by the artist. The shop also sells unique clothing items from other brands.


Costa Rican Liquor

Pick up bottles of local liquor. Jacó Wine and Liquor Premium is a great location. The sales associate was very helpful at recommending local rums. 

Ron Centenario is a popular local brand of rum. We made sure to take a bottle home. The different labels show how long the rum has been aged. The age determines the price.


Rainforest Adventures Jacó

Rainforest Adventures Jacó is an adventure park located right in the city. They had a really nice gift shop. The prices were surprisingly reasonable. There was a large variety of t-shirts and hats. The gift shop also carried coffee. I bought the hat that you see below. Check out my post about the adventure park here.

Jacó Walk

I spoke about this shopping center in my downtown Jacó Beach post as well. This is where the Chic Melle Shoe Store and Boutique is located. They sell a variety of well-made shoes manufactured in Brazil. I bought a pair for my mother. She loved them. 


I usually purchase a fashion magazine when I visit a new country. I forgot to do that in Costa Rica. Are there things you like to buy when you visit a new country? Share it in the comments.

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