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Rainforest Adventure Park – Jacó, Costa Rica

Come along with me and visit Rainforest Adventures Jacó, in Costa Rica. This is the part where you get to see an actual rainforest in Costa Rica! As we drove onto the property it felt like we were in a movie. What movie do you ask?


Rainforest Adventure Park or Jurassic Park?

Jurassic Park. The original Jurassic Park movie was set on the fictional tropical island of Isla Nublar, located 120 miles west of Costa Rica.


Interestingly enough a lot of the scenes in the original movie and the others were shot in Hawaii and other places. But I can understand why the movie was set in Costa Rica. Driving through the rainforest it seemed like a T-Rex could jump out of the trees at any moment. And the road was so bumpy it felt like we were driving through dinosaurs footprints. The holes were that bad. And it was the rainy season so everything got muddy.

Getting there

This adventure park was located right in the city of Jacó. It was 10 minutes from where I was staying but the majority of the drive was getting to the part of the rainforest where the adventure park was located.

Pastor Diaz Avenue is a main route in Jacó . From there it’s an 11 minute drive. This is a main route in downtown Jacó, where you’ll no doubt be staying if you’re in the area.

There is not an “official address.” You are literally in the middle of a rainforest. The contact info is below.

Rainforest Adventures Jacó

Telephone: +50622245961 Website:


Surrounding Area

On the way to the adventure park there is a large store called Maxi Pali. It looks very much like a Walmart and is associated with them. You’ll find home items, food and clothing in this store. This was where I bought some of my souvenirs such as coffee, tea and candy.

What to do at the adventure park

There are lots of different activities at the adventure park. There’s a rock climbing wall and zip lines. Or you can try the ropes course as well as hiking. If you love butterflies check out the butterfly garden. When I was there I took the aerial tram tour. I had it in my mind to go ziplining. But my nerves had other ideas once I got to the top. 


The aerial tram is a perfect way to enjoy the canopy and all the sights of the rainforest. Be on the lookout for parrots and other birds flying through the air. Learn about the different types of trees and even the fact that you’re in the middle of two separate rainforests.


Can you hear the water coming from the waterfall below you? It goes from the top all the way to the bottom and the water is a fresh spring that you can basically drink from. But I still wouldn’t. Haha.


Where were all the sloths and monkeys? That’s what we wanted to know. They’re hiding and not easily visible at this particular rainforest. This led us to learn about the natural predators of sloths. Giant birds are predators to sloths. How sad because there’s no way they would outrun them. I then understood why all the sloths were hiding. 


Did you enjoy our trip to this rainforest adventure park? If you every visit Jacó, Costa Rica, be sure to check it out! And click here to see my other Costa Rica posts.


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