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The 5 Greatest Benefits of Traveling Internationally

Learning the 5 Greatest Benefits of Traveling Internationally changes everything. Many people are hesitant to step out their comfort zones. Traveling internationally is way out of many people’s comfort zones. But it’s definitely worth it. Here’s why.

1. Learn about yourself

We learn a lot about ourselves when we are pushed out of our comfort zones. Do you have fight or flight reflexes? Traveling internationally tests your patience, endurance, self-control and many other qualities. We won’t know how we will react until we’re tested.

Getting lost is one way to learn who you really are. I’ve been lost traveling internationally. It can be scary but you learn how strong you can be. You also learn how to adapt to difficult situations.

2. Learn to appreciate other cultures

People are most comfortable with people that look and act just like them. A lot of times we are in a bubble mentally and physically when it comes to our own culture. A lot of the people we interact with are those of our own culture. Traveling puts you in a space where you’re different. (That’s how I felt in Taiwan, top picture.) This can be nerve-racking. But use it as an opportunity to widen out and learn about people different from yourself. In doing this you realize that we all have more in common then we thought.

Eat different foods when you travel. I do like visiting fast food restaurants when I travel to see what’s different. But try to avoid those as much as possible, and eat the local food.

Learn some of the local customs by mingling with other people. Listen to their stories. If there is a language barrier this is a little bit harder. Still do your best.

St. Kitts, W.I.

3. Change up your routine

Another benefit of traveling internationally is changing your routine and developing a new perspective. How many times are we like robots just working and carrying out our normal routines. Gain perspective by doing something out of the ordinary.

What type of things are unique about your destination? What are the things that you could never do if you were home? Those are the things you need to seek out. That is what will make the moment more special for you.

4. Feel more connected to the world

We all share this home called Earth. And yet many times we don’t feel very connected to each other. When people travel and meet other types people they see how other people live. This can help get rid of some of our ignorance. You may have preconceived ideas of how people live in other countries. The only way to know how people actually live is to visit where they come from and “take a walk in their shoes”.

5. You will be happier

Traveling internationally is extremely fun! You will not regret any decision to travel internationally. There may be difficulties you are not used to. Those will not matter in the long run. Take the leap! You’ll be so glad you did.

All these things are possible when you travel internationally. Use the “5 Greatest Benefits of Traveling” as a guide to help you step out of your comfort zone.

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  1. I agree Kelcy…international travel opens a whole new world…

    I’m looking forward to the time when there are no obstacles to travel and see the world.

    Thanks for your insightful thoughts.

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