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Dream Closet Design Inspiration for Small Spaces

Do you ever look at the dream closets featured in Architectural Digest or Apartment Therapy? Having a beautiful closet/wardrobe is super easy when you have all the space in the world. But what about when you don’t have a lot of space? Can you still have a dream closet? Won’t you still want to display all your items nicely? You can! Keep reading. You know the drill.

Invest in a closet system

Even if you don’t have a walk in closet, a closet system is perfect for dividing your closet area into sections. I have this in my closet and it allows me to take advantage of the vertical space. Many stores offer free online tools to design your closet.


Create a design that makes you feel like you’re shopping in a boutique. No matter how small your closet, using the space in an efficient way will elevate your closet.

Style your dream closet

Add a fun and unique wallpaper to the back. I have flower decals on the back wall of my closet. Add a pretty light fixture. A giant chandelier won’t fit. That doesn’t matter. Add a pretty light fixture that does fit your closet. There are also light bulb covers that add a nice touch.

Scents are big too. I have a fragrance sachet hanging in my closet that adds to the aesthetic. Diffusers work great as well. Get creative to give yourself the feeling you are looking for.

Store Off-season clothes

“All my clothes won’t fit!” Simply put, they won’t. We see all those Instagram photos of picture perfect clothes. All the clothes fit perfectly. That’s because you should never store all your clothes in your closet at once. Even the largest closets rotate clothes for seasons. In the fall and spring I rotate my clothes from storage bins to the racks.


Use drawer systems or storage containers of your choice. I use a clear drawer system from Sterlite. It sits in the back of my closet keeping my off-season clothes out of sight. Growing up my mom had us keep our off-season clothes in the clear bags that bed comforters come in. Choose whatever way that works best for you.


Another way to have a dream closet is to get rid of things that don’t fit you. (Marie Kondo changed my life!) A closet bulging at the seams is not aesthetically pleasing. It will not give you that dream closet feeling. Pare down so that you only have clothes that you like. Then everything in your closet will be items you like and that fit you.  

Remember, make the best of the space you have. Decorate it to make it pretty. Store your off-season clothes away. Declutter and get rid of what you don’t need. Then you’re on your way to your dream closet.

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