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Small Apartment Design- An Illusion of Space

Making the most of your Small Apartment Design is a must! Apartments, also known as Flats if you’re outside of the States, are expensive. So many times you pay a lot of money and are left with a very small space. This is especially true if you live in certain areas like the Northeast. Keep reading to see how you can create the illusion of having more space in both your kitchen and your living room.


Keep the furniture light. I love the use of the Lucite chairs in the dining set (below). When items are transparent or otherwise lightweight you have the illusion of more space. They don’t have as much visual weight as a thick piece of furniture.


Another thing I like is the way the dining table is turned. With the table turned to be parallel with the cabinets you have room to walk on either side of the table. If the table was perpendicular to the cabinets you would have less room to walk around. This would lead to the space feeling more cramped. Think about your dining table placement. This can make a big difference in your space.

This second kitchen (below) features a wall-mounted fold down table. It extends off of the wall so that when you need more space you can fold it down and make it flat. They also decided to go with only two chairs. Obviously only two chairs would fit with this particular table. However two chair makes much more sense in this space compared to a dining table that can seat four people. There is more room to walk around in the kitchen. Therefore giving the illusion that the kitchen is not as tiny as it is.

Living Rooms

Now, for the small apartment living rooms. Choose your furniture proportions well. There’s nothing more out of place than a huge couch in a teeny little living room. A proportioned couch won’t engulf the space. Everything is to scale. So the living room looks larger than it is.


This next living room photo (below) is the same living room as above but at a different angle. Can you see how the table is a good proportion for the space? It also does double duty as a possible dining table and a coffee table. Make your furniture work double or even triple duty. This will save you space if your living room is not the largest.

That was my guide to Small Apartment Design. Are there any other ways you can think of that create an illusion of space? Also, what are apartments called where you live?

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  1. Cute ideas Kelcy… Where I live they’re called 250sq ft. But with an imaginative design you can fit a dining room – 2 chairs with a bistro style table for another dimension and a corner office space with a L-shape desk area facing the French doors to see outside and watch the birds as they fly by…and the sunset too …!
    Also instead of a couch I have a beautiful chaise that is my “living room” facing my ‘pho-fire place”…
    Yes…we must be creative with a small space…but it’s cozy and it’s ‘home’….
    Thanks again for your blog…

    1. Jill,
      Glad you enjoyed it! I agree that bistro style tables are a great idea for small spaces. 250 sq ft can definitely look great with a little bit of creativity. Which you definitely seem to have.

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