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Jet Set 2022: Your Go-to Travel Essentials

The Jet Set lifestyle isn’t the first thing on our minds right now. There is so much uncertainty in the international travel arena. I’ve had to postpone a lot of recent big trips. But you have to remember that part of the joy of traveling is the anticipation. Keep reading for all the things I need to get in the Jet Set mood!


Jet Set Luggage

Nothing puts you in the mood to Jet Set like new luggage. Is your old suitcase on its way out? Replace it!


This is the perfect time to purchase new headphones. You’ll need them for all the movies you’re going to watch on the plane. (My pair from 2016 just broke so this is for me!)

Face Mist

Nothing says refreshment like spritzing your face with a cool mist. Those long flights make your face feel dry and uncomfortable. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Comfy Socks

Relax in the comfort of cute socks.

Eye Mask

Drift away into dream land with a soft satin eye mask. It’s perfect for drowning out all the bright cabin lights.

Face Sheet Mask

Pick up a pack of sheet masks to unwind. I find that relaxing is one of the best ways to get sleep on a plane.

Lip gloss/balm

Count on a lip balm or gloss to moisturize your lips from all the drying plane air.

Right now I’m making a Google map and planning a trip to an Asian country (not South Korea). I don’t know my exact travel date but when it comes I’ll be ready. I’ll have some hotels in mind and know my top destinations. It’s more time to prepare and make this the best trip ever. You can do the same!

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