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25 Crafters and Artisans Worldwide

These artisans need your business more than just during the Holiday Season. Shop for the perfect gift for that special someone, no matter the occasion.

This post is a long time in the making. Ever since I made a post about supporting the tourism industry without traveling I wanted to do a similar post. This post focuses on artisans and crafters from all over the globe. Use this list and support these local artists. Items are broken down into categories.

It’s the perfect blend of art and travel. This is what Passport by Design is all about!

Clothing, etc.

Handprinted textile items (United States)

Bags & laptop accessories (India)

Dresses in bold prints (United Kingdom)

Handmade clothing (United Kingdom)

Leather sandals (Greece)

Jewelry, etc.

Accessories inspired by nature (United States)

Jewelry inspired by the Caribbean (United States)

Hand-carved wood items (United States)

Personalized jewelry (United States)

Home Goods

Leather goods (United States)

Custom leather & fabric goods (Morocco)

Handmade soap (Barbados)

Leather goods (India)

Stationery & Paper goods

Printmaker (The Netherlands)

Handmade paper (France)

Print services (United States)

Custom printing & typography (Italy)

Cards with encouraging messages (United States)

Pottery & Ceramics

Ceramics (Czechia)

Ceramics (United States)

Pottery (Mexico)

Ceramics (The Netherlands)

Ceramics (Germany)

Ceramics (United States)

Ceramics (United States)

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