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Journey to Historic North Conway, New Hampshire

Zeb’s is not the only thing to check out in North Conway. Plenty of other destinations await you!

Settler’s Green Outlets

One of the first places I stopped by was the Settler’s Green outlet mall in North Conway. Below I’m standing in front of the “Welcome to North Conway” sign. That wall belongs to one of the outlet buildings. It’s your standard, typical outlet mall.


However they did have a nice cupcake shop which included bacon cupcakes. It’s called White Mountain Cupcakery That made it worth visiting.

I also picked up some flip flops at the Gap Outlet. And there’s a liquor store called Beer & Wine Nation. I don’t know if it’s a New Hampshire thing, but they only sold wine and beer. They didn’t sell any spirits or anything like whiskey or vodka.

North Conway Five and Ten Store

North Conway Five and Ten store is a walk down memory lane. They’re celebrating their 82nd year in business. You walk in and you’re greeted by a glass counter. Behind the counter was different types of fudge. They also have other candy as well. I bought some candy while I was there.


One really unique feature of the store is the ceiling. It appeared to be the original ceiling and it definitely different from how they make them now. Very special.


Besides candy they have old style toys, books and New Hampshire souvenirs.

Adventure Suites

Another item on your list should be the Adventure Suites. It’s a theme hotel where all the rooms have a different theme. Their website says that they’re one of the top ten theme hotels in the world and the number one in the valley. You decide. They offer tours of the rooms.


The outside of the building shows little shops, a bank and other buildings. Expect to find rooms that are outdoor themed, party themed and so many more!

While there I toured the club room. A Jacuzzi was included. There was also a kitchen are and bedroom area. It was two stories and very large.

One thing you can’t forget about North Conway is the beautiful views. You’re in the White Mountains! It’s ski country. The mountains are beautiful. Route 16 has a scenic overlook where you can stop and take pictures. All I can say is that the pictures don’t do it justice. There’s no way to capture the beauty of the clouds and the horizon in a photograph. You just have to see it for yourself. 

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