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Boom Supersonic – The Future of Flying is Back!

Remember the Concorde? Fly from NYC to London in about 4 hours! It seemed like a dream. That dream ended. It was expensive, noisy and awful for the environment; there were just too many issues. But now there’s a whole new supersonic plane coming out. This is all in the works for Boom Supersonic.


This company is working to make super fast airplane travel affordable, sustainable and convenient. Crazy right!?


Overture, their flagship commercial aircraft aims to make supersonic travel for the everyday person. The Concorde was so expensive that so few were able to experience the wonders of a supersonic flight. Overture is going to try and change that. Plans for the aircraft build upon the Concorde’s legacy, but make this type of travel faster, more efficient and also sustainable. Stay tuned for the specs.


Supersonic Specs

Range: up to 4,250 NM [4,888 MI]
Passenger capacity: 65 – 88
Sustainability: 100% carbon-neutral fleet

Tokyo to Seattle 4:30h instead of 8:30h.
Paris to Montreal 3:45h instead of 7:15h.
Los Angeles to Sydney 8:30h instead of 14:30h!

Passenger Experience
Look at the images below to experience the gorgeous cabin. It will be a business-class flight like no other. Large screens, large windows, plenty of legroom and direct aisle access for all. Did I mention all the beautiful finishes!


Boom Supersonic’s plan for Overture:
Build: 2022
Roll out: 2025
Passengers: 2029

That means supersonic travel by 2029! 

All images courtesy of and owned by Boom Supersonic.


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