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Top 10 Creative Travel Photo Ideas

It’s time for your next trip. How do you take that creative travel photo you’ll actually love to look at later? Or ones to show off to your friends? Keep reading!

1. Take a Creative Travel Photo at the Beach

Pictures of the beach are nice but they can get boring fast. Take a closeup picture of the texture of the sand. Take a picture of the native wildlife on the stand. In the photo on the right I was able to capture this jellyfish that had sadly washed ashore. Make it unique. (Left: Connecticut, USA, Right: Busan, South Korea)

2. Island Photos that Scream Tranquility

Are you on an island? Take a calm peaceful picture of the street right as the sun is starting to rise. Try to get some clouds in the photo as well and make it really moody. (Below: St. Kitts, W.I.)

3. Capture the City’s Hustle and Bustle

Maybe you’re in an urban city. Is it New York City? Try to capture the hustle and bustle of city life. Capture the everyday lives of those living there and the daily interactions. Of course try your best not to get right in people’s faces. Just to be respectful. (Both images below: Chinatown, N.Y.C, USA)

4. Photograph Typical Houses

We talk a lot about architecture on this blog. One of my favorite things to shoot is houses. What does a typical home in your destination look like? Capture it. Avoid anything that will show the exact location to be respectful. (Left: Nevis, W.I. Right: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.)

5. Document the Local Food

You can’t forget the food! What type of foods is your destination known for? What were some of the foods you really enjoyed? Capture those so you can remember them later. (below: Texas, USA)

6. Unusual and Unique Items

Did you just see something you’ve never seen before? Definitely take a picture of it. The best photos are unique things that are only seen at that destination. You may never see the it again. (Left: Seoul, South Korea Right: Incheon, South Korea)

7. Landmarks

The list of the best creative travel photo ideas wouldn’t be complete without landmark buildings. We know there’re a million pictures of the Eiffel Tower. But none of them were taken by you. You’ll still want to have a souvenir of those types of places. (below: Dubai, U.A.E.)

8. Food Chains in Your Destination

This next one is quite random. But I always like to take a picture of the different McDonald’s in different countries. And I usually eat at least one dish. Ironically I don’t eat McDonald’s in the U.S. But I do try to see the differences in other countries. Just like the motor scooters in the McDonald’s in South Korea and the curly fries in Austria, below.

9. Wildlife

See any cute animals on your trip. Take a picture. Any like this cute little piglet? Take a picture. You can’t forget about the wildlife at your destination. Don’t do anything crazy and don’t put yourself in harm’s way. (below: Cerca Cavajal, Haiti)

10. Capture the Local Art Scene

Last and certainly not least is the local artwork of your destination. Does your destination have an art scene? What are the local artists up to? Are there places where photography is allowed? Definitely take a picture. It may help their work get noticed. (below: Port au Prince, Haiti)

There you have it. The top 10 creative travel photo ideas. Which ones are you going to use?

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