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Sewing Supplies for Beginners: Ultimate Guide

What basic sewing supplies will get you started? Here on Passport by Design there are so many DIY tutorials for small projects you can make on your sewing machine. What if you’re just getting into sewing with a machine and you want to know what to purchase. There are so many sewing products. It can be overwhelming. Let’s get started!

1. Sewing Machine

This is the most important part of your sewing supplies. When it came to choosing my machine I knew I wanted one that could handle heavy duty fabrics. My machine really can handle any type of fabric. It also has a “free arm” so you can work on clothes that have sleeves.

What I use: Singer Heavy Duty 4423

sewing-supplies-sewing machine

2. Pin cushion

Like you’d expect, it’s where all your pins go.

Suggestions: YLSHRF Brand Pin cushion , Etsy Handmade Cactus pin cushion

3. Sewing pins

Speaking of pins…some people don’t use pins but I prefer them. I like the ones that have rounded colored tips because it’s easier to find them on the floor.

Suggestions: Dritz Long pins

4. Seam Ripper

This is your new best friend. It’s how you fix all your sewing mistakes.

Suggestions: Dritz seam ripper

5. Tape Measure and/or ruler

Tape measures can cost anywhere from $1 to $3 and help with measuring, as the name says. I use rulers for a lot of projects as well.

Suggestions: Singer tape measure The set linked here includes a tape measure and blue and white marking pencils.

6. White & blue marking pencils

Marking pencils mark the fabric and are especially helpful when using patterns.

Suggestions: Pencils Same set as linked for the tape measure.

7. Scissors

You need a quality pair of scissors. They don’t have to be expensive. But you can’t use scissors that you’ve already used to cut paper. Cutting paper dulls scissors. Use dedicated sewing scissors.

Suggestions: Westcott scissors


8. High Quality Thread

This sewing supplies guide wouldn’t be complete without thread. Coats & Clark is a good brand. You can use cheap thread but sometimes it breaks while you’re sewing. Or the fibers create a lot of dust in the machine.

Suggestions: Coats & Clark thread

9. Iron

This isn’t something you’ll necessarily need to purchase. Most people have irons in their homes already. They add that professional touch during the sewing process. Especially when you iron your seams as you sew.


There are also complete kits with most of the items mentioned: Singer Sewing kit

I prefer choosing my sewing supplies items separately. Sometime when you purchase a kit not all the parts are good quality. Do your research and read reviews.

Sewing is such an enjoyable way to pass the time. It’s such a stress reliever and when you’re done you actually have something you can be proud of. 

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