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JetBlue’s Transatlantic Mint Service- All New!

Transatlantic Mint service from JetBlue!? JetBlue is one of my favorite airlines. Anytime I’m booking a domestic flight I check if JetBlue flies there. I’ve taken them to international destinations in the Caribbean. However, when it comes to their international flights, JetBlue is quite limited. But that’s changing soon.

JetBlue introduced their Mint product in 2014 as a way to compete with more premium classes in other airlines. But now they’re going to take that a step further with a complete overhaul of the Mint product and expanding international flight destinations in the near future.

Mint Suites

Transatlantic Mint, Mint Suites

JetBlue’s transatlantic Mint Suites were inspired by the four private suites in its current product. Imagine 24 private suites with a sliding door for each! Features include a tilting 17-inch Thales AVANT seatback screen, shoe and handbag stowage just to name a few.

Transatlantic Mint, Mint Suite
Transatlantic Mint, Mint Suite (Sleep)

Mint Studio

If you think the Mint Suite is amazing, wait until you check out the Mint Studio! Each aircraft will have two Mint Studios in the first row. The Mint Studio will offer “the most space in a premium experience from any U.S. airline”.

Transatlantic Mint, Mint Studio (Seated)

Features include a tilting 22-inch Thales AVANT seatback screen, an extra side table and more. Not to mention a guest seat for a friend. The seats, when reclined, offer the largest lie-flat bed of any U.S. carrier. Both the Mint Suite and Studio will feature Tuft & Needle bedding. They’re one of the mattress companies known for their bed in box.

Transatlantic Mint, Mint Studio (Sleep)

The new Mint will launch on JetBlue’s highly anticipated London flights this summer. Also a 16-seat layout will debut on a limited number of flights between New York and Los Angeles in 2021.

Your favorite down-to-earth airline is taking the premium travel world by storm! Excited to try it out yourself? I sure am!

All images courtesy of JetBlue and Acumen Design Associates.


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