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Glastonbury, Connecticut: Relaxing Fall Day Trip

Glastonbury, Connecticut is smack-dab in the middle of the state. This was my first time visiting. A famed Korean café brought us up here. Raon Jena Coffee and Dessert is the name of the café.

They had really good desserts. I love a good French macaron and the ones they sell are gigantic. Their macarons are fresh. The ones I had definitely were not frozen. I ordered taro, crème brûlée and a third flavor that I don’t remember. Raon Jena had many other cakes and desserts. Seasonal drinks and lattes were also available.

This trip started off as going to a café without much direction after that. My sister and I decided to look up the historical district in Glastonbury. We figured that would be a nice section of town to visit.

Glastonbury Historic District

The Glastonbury Historical District starts on Main Street near the Glastonbury Town Hall.

Past the town hall were a lot of different historic homes. I pulled the car over periodically to take pictures. I don’t know how old any of the houses were but they were really nice.


We continued on down Main Street until we found the Glastonbury Town Green. The Museum on the Green features Glastonbury. The town green is also home to the Historical Society of Glastonbury. On the side of the museum was a cemetery.

The museum was not open. The reason was not because of Covid-19. The museum needed repairs.


My sister loves books and we had looked for different book shops. Unfortunately they were all closed including the one in the picture below. We should have planned better.

The Orchard

On the way there we had seen orchards and pumpkins farms. We knew we wanted to pick up some quintessential New England fall desserts.  The Belltown Hill Orchards was the best choice because it wasn’t closing within the next 5 minutes. Again, better planning the next time.

It had a large apple orchard and even though all the trees were bare you were still able to smell the apple aroma.


There was a market that sold all kinds of New England deliciousness. Think apple butters, apple cider, pumpkin jams and more. Everything that screams fall in New England!

I made sure to pick up some apple cider and both apple cider (top) and pumpkin (bottom) donuts. And let me just say I did not buy enough donuts. Because they were absolutely delicious.

Noodles for Dinner

It was time to pick up some dinner and we had heard really good things about Noodles & Company. They did not disappoint. Everyone loved their food and I wanted seconds. Each dish was perfectly seasoned. My only complaint is that the closest Noodles & Company is an hour away from my house.

That’s Glastonbury, Connecticut for you. My highlight was visiting the orchard. Orchards exist in southern Connecticut but it was nice to take the drive. The scenery was really pretty and the hills and valleys made for a relaxing trip. 


  1. Looks like you had a fun trip and managed to see a lot even if not everything was open 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 We went out and did more Christmas shopping yesterday which was fun 🙂

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