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Staycation Postcards: Captain’s Cove Seaport in Connecticut

A staycation or road trip is the best ways to travel right now. Last week I made my way over to a great local spot in Connecticut called Captain’s Cove Seaport. My dad used to take me there a lot when I was younger. I even went to school not far from there. It’s always the perfect “end of summer” place to go.


Captain’s Cove Seaport is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Explore the little shops located in what look like tiny houses. There’s also a restaurant with lots of outdoor seating. Many people also keep their boats there and go sailing and boating. A great staycation includes learning new skills. Learn sailing skills at Sailaway Sailing School (below). Captain’s cove is a great summer spot and it stays open I believe until around November. Don’t quote me on that.


The shops (little houses) sell various items. What’s a staycation without buying gifts, collectibles, and jewelry? Then stop at the ice cream shop for a treat.


It’s also pretty good for social distancing. The day that I went I might have seen 10 people total the whole time I was there. It was a weekday in the afternoon, to give you an idea of when I went. There are lots of signs to remind you to social distance, and the fact that it is very wide open gives you plenty of room to spread out.

2022 Update:

Below is the airplane hanger housing the replica of Gustave Whitehead’s aircraft. It’s always closed. My curiosity was always peaked when passing it. The aircraft was designed by the person who supposedly flew before the Wright brothers. Summer 2022 I got the chance to see what was inside.

Andrew Kosch manages the hanger and took me on a quick history lesson. Andrew recreated the aircraft Whitehead flew in 1901. There are three different replicas. Two are at this location. Notice that one of them is still just a frame. The third is located at the Connecticut Air and Space Center in Stratford, Connecticut.

The original aircraft was called Whitehead No. 21. Gustave Whitehead was a German immigrant who made headlines in June 1901 for flying an aircraft in Bridgeport, Connecticut. There are no photos of the aircraft in flight.

Andrew Kosch took it upon himself in 1986 to prove that Whitehead’s flying machine could indeed fly. In December 1986 he made 12 successful flights with the aircraft.

Come and check back at the hangar in Captain’s Cove. Also, visit the Connecticut Air and Space Museum to see the original replica. 

This boardwalk is great for families because the shops sell a wide variety of items. Then you can get a bite to eat and watch the sunset. It’s just a nice relaxing summer destination. 

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  1. As a Bridgeport resident, I enjoy going there. It is nearby, and really, a breath of fresh air. Thanks Kelcy for sharing with others.

  2. This bought back nice memories when I visited my family in Bridgeport a few years ago. Nice for a day on the water … social distancing… with your family.

    Thanks for the memories.. Kelcy

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