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Packing Light for a Night in the City

Packing light is best they say. But what about lots of outfit options? No need for lots of options when it comes to a single night. Pick an outfit that you love and stick to it. That go-to outfit you know fits you well every time. That one.

Use a backpack or tote

In most cases you won’t need anything larger than a backpack. If you decide to bring outfit options choose a small rolling duffel.

Roll your clothes

In this case I don’t use packing cubes. There is no room. Put the larger items in first.

Use the same airport ziploc bag

I keep my ziploc bag stocked and ready to go at a moment’s notice. It contains small bottles of body wash, hair products, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. I usually just stick my toothbrush in there as well.

Streamline your skincare routine

Don’t bring your whole counter full of products. On longer trips I’ll bring more products. For a single night I just bring facial cleanser that I use both at night and in the morning.  If you want to save even more space, use a facial bar soap.

Only pack one pair of shoes

You’ll  be wearing one pair already, so that’s automatically two pairs. I suggest wearing flats and packing heels. 

Packing light for one night is all about streamlining. We all know that one outfit that makes us shine. Pack that and streamline your normal routines. There is no reason to pack like you’re going on vacation for a single night.

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