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Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Inspiration

Look in any magazine or go to a design showroom and you will see Mid Century Modern design all around you. I even mentioned it in this post about “Design Trends I’m Loving.”

I’m still very much obsessed myself. So I’m here to inspire you to bring a little Mid Century Modern design into your own space.


Mid Century Modern Couches

I love the different styles of couches that fit the style. Many of then have narrow wooden legs that point outward instead of standing straight. It’s very unique and catches your eye. Bright colors (the couch at the very top) are unexpected and add a bold touch.


Quality Construction

I love the wood tones. Also the fact that with real vintage pieces the wood is solid wood. There is none of that veneer-covered pressed wood. We see so much of it today. I’m looking at you Ikea (I still love Ikea).

Pieces made 50 years ago are still around today. Will we be able to say the same about the furniture we are buying now? I don’t think so.


Are you thinking of adding Mid Century Modern touches to your room? Just add one item. It can be a chair or a coffee table. Mixing different styles is just as fun.

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