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Road Trips: Your Ultimate Planning Guide

Road trips are so much fun. It’s just you, your friends and the open road. But lots of people hate driving long distances. How can you make dreaded road trips just a little bit more bearable? Or if you love them already, make them even better!

Road Trip Buddies

First, think about who you will travel with. Your company is very important. It will make a big impact on how the trip goes and how much you enjoy the trip. Ideally, all the people traveling with you should be able to drive.


Distance & Destination

The distance and destination are just as important. Don’t drive from New York to California on your first road trip. Don’t drive from Connecticut to Florida either. No one will enjoy it. Start small. Keep your first road trip around 5 hours. You’ll thank me for this later.

Choose a destination that has activities that everyone in the group wants to do. Or at least the majority want to do. It shouldn’t be a place only one person in the group wants to go to. The time of year you go will also help you decide on a destination. You don’t want to be driving through snow or other bad weather. I’ve done this and it’s not fun.

Entertainment & Snacks

What’s a great road trip without good entertainment. Have someone who is dedicated to keeping the music flowing. Assign them the job of creating a great playlist. Use either Bluetooth or a audio cable to play the music through the car. What’s entertainment without good snacks.

Assign a “Director of Deliciousness.” They decide which snacks to bring. Chocolate lovers will hate me, but anything containing chocolate is a bad road trip snack. It melts and nothing’s worse than chocolate smeared on your seatbelt. Stick with snacks that are not messy. Think pretzels, chips fruit snacks (I eat them on every type of trip I go on.) popcorn and similar items.

Do stop periodically to rest your legs. But do not spend an hour at each stop. It will make your trip drag on forever.

Enjoy the sights. Remember, sometimes it’s the journey and not the destination.

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